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Honda Aftersales What Car Award

Honda What Car? Aftersales Awards

Honda aftersales care at franchised dealerships is the best

At Brayley Honda, we take pride in the quality of our aftersales care for all our customers, however old your Honda may be. Now, What Car? has launched the results of its first Servicing Satisfaction Survey and we’re delighted that Honda has come out on top overall in these Honda What Car? Aftersales Awards for value and quality. To take advantage of specialist Honda servicing at prices that may surprise you, please get in touch to book your car in with our Servicing Team or to ask any questions about servicing your car.

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Following a survey of its readers, What Car? has placed Honda second in the ‘Best franchised dealers, 0-3 years’ category and third in the ‘Best franchised dealers, 4-20 years’ category, leading to the top spot for Honda in the overall ‘Best franchised dealers, 0-20 years’ assessment.

If your Honda is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty, we find most of our customers prefer to use our Honda-trained technicians and expert Honda servicing to be sure of maintaining the integrity of their warranty and the quality, performance and safety specifications of their cars. However, there are also many advantages in having an older Honda serviced by genuine Honda specialists, including the fact that it helps to maintain the resale value of your Honda.

The Managing Director of Honda UK echoed our own sentiments, when he commented: “At Honda, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our attention-to-detail, the value for money we offer and our ethos that the client relationship begins the moment consumers set foot in one of our showrooms. For us, every single customer is unique and that is why we create bespoke sales experiences from beginning to end.”

Similarly, we totally agree with the Editor of What Car? too, when he said: “…while the level of satisfaction with many brands plummets as cars age, Honda owners can expect attentive behaviour from staff and a high standard of workmanship throughout their cars' lives."

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