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Brayley Renault features on Sky News!

Last week, the nice people from Sky News came to see us at Brayley Renault to talk electric cars. With low emissions being key to the UK government’s strategy to reduce air pollution, the government is putting £40m into supporting people to switch to these low-emission vehicles and to create the necessary infrastructure.

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We were delighted to welcome Sky News to Brayley Renault in Milton Keynes and even more delighted to share our enthusiasm for the Renault range of zero- emission cars: the all-electric Renault Zoe and the all-electric Renault Twizy. The new government initiative is targeting eight areas around the UK with this injection of £40m and Milton Keynes is one of the areas to benefit most. Ideas being put forward to make best use of this investment include putting charging points into street lights, offering free parking to electric car owners and allowing electric cars to use bus lanes. You can see the whole Sky News story and videos here.

With low starting prices and generous ranges achievable, Renault all-electric cars can play an important part in encouraging take up of this vital technology. The Renault Zoe comes with a starting price of only £13,445 and a range of some 130 miles. The Zoe is packed with advanced technology and is spacious and comfortable. The Renault Twizy is the fun, chic and urban all-electric car with a luggage capacity of 180 litres and a range of around 56 miles.

Emission-free Renault: discover your all-electric dreams

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