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Brayley Renault: electric car specialists

Brayley Renault: electric car specialists

Ask Brayley Renault: we know all about all-electric cars

We’re a rare breed at Brayley Renault because we’re electric car specialists. We have available both the Renault Twizy and the Renault ZOE and we can answer any questions you have about them, as well as having electric vehicles for you to test drive. Both cars are 100% electric, meaning you and the environment reap all the benefits these cars can bring. Be at the forefront of the electric car revolution and take a look at some of the advantages of electric cars:

  • A reduction in CO2 emissions of some 40% against a small petrol car or 25% against a diesel car
  • Potential for a 40% reduction in UK oil imports and £13bn in fuel bills
  • Nitrogen oxide and particulates could be virtually eliminated in 35 years, resulting in major health benefits and reductions in respiratory diseases
  • Can be recharged at home from your domestic electricity supply; can be even better for the environment if you are on a 'green' electricity tariff

Renault Twizy: The perfect, all-electric, city car with the radical, modern, urban look.

Renault ZOE: Packed with 60 new patents, best-in-class range and innovative connectivity.

Discover all about Renault electric cars at Brayley Renault.

To explore the Renault all-electric car range or to arrange a test drive, please call us or send us a Renault electric car enquiry