Mitsubishi Extended Warranty


A Mitsubishi extended warranty is your guarantee that we won’t let you down, in the unlikely event that something on your Mitsubishi does. Even though every Mitsubishi model is renowned for supreme reliability, the unexpected can sometimes happen. The Mitsubishi extended warranty means you’re prepared for this, because it guarantees to cover the costs of repairs and replacement parts should something unexpectedly go wrong. Please see the Mitsubishi extended warranty terms and conditions below for more details*.

If you want to protect yourself against unforeseen repair costs for your older Mitsubishi, or the warranty on your new or approved used Mitsubishi is coming to an end, you need a Mitsubishi extended warranty. With a range of cover options and a choice of payment types available, you can tailor your warranty protection to your own individual needs.

Every Mitsubishi model has been manufactured using the latest engineering techniques and the most advanced methods of quality control, to ensure trouble-free motoring for years and years. To ensure this quality and integrity remains throughout your vehicle’s life, Mitsubishi recommends you have it serviced and maintained by a Mitsubishi Motors authorised dealership such as Brayley Mitsubishi. Employing the latest best practices and processes for Mitsubishi maintenance, and updated constantly on the latest Mitsubishi models, our team of expert technicians could be no better qualified to work on the Mitsubishi range. Contact us to find out more about our servicing products, or to make an enquiry about a Mitsubishi extended warranty.

A choice of ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ extended warranty options are available, covering the following:

Genuine Mitsubishi partsxxx
Dealer labour costsxxx
Steering systemxx 
Braking systemxx 
Sunroof motorxx 
Starter motorxx 
Wiper motorxx 
Power window motorsxx 
Catalytic converterx  
Fuel injectorsx  
In-car entertainmentx  


To find out more about Mitsubishi extended warranties, please call or send us a warranty enquiry

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*MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY Subject to our terms and conditions, Mitsubishi Motors Europe B.V. (hereinafter called “MME”) warrants that any of the "Basic Warranty Items" of the new vehicle manufactured by or for MME shall be free from any defects in material or workmanship under normal use, provided that correct maintenance has been carried out. Any of the basic warranty items covered by this new vehicle warranty will be repaired or replaced free of charge by any MME Authorised Mitsubishi Distributor or Mitsubishi Motors in the UK Authorised Dealership within the warranty period.