Making sure your car has a current MOT test certificate is a legal requirement from the third anniversary of its first registration and every year thereafter. Our Mitsubishi MOT Protection policy will cover you in the event your Mitsubishi MOT test doesn’t go the way you expect – we’ll carry out the necessary repairs for free. Based on a low annual premium, that makes our Mitsubishi MOT Protection policy indispensable. To find out more, just send us an enquiry.

For only £10, we’ll cover your Mitsubishi for up to £750 of repair work following a failed MOT. The main requirements are that your Mitsubishi MOT must be carried out at an authorised Mitsubishi dealership, such as Brayley Mitsubishi, you must have had your car serviced in line with the Mitsubishi recommended servicing schedule, and you must take out your Mitsubishi MOT Protection policy at least three months prior to the MOT test.

Mitsubishi MOT Protection covers you for work on steering and suspension, brakes, seatbelts, lighting equipment and minor items, including mirrors and windscreen wipers. All work under your policy will be carried out by Mitsubishi-trained technicians, who will only ever use Mitsubishi approved parts to maintain your car’s original performance and safety specification.

To make sure your Mitsubishi passes the MOT test first time, we recommend that you carry out a few simple checks yourself prior to the big day, including:

  • Do all the lights work?
  • Is the number plate clean and easy to read?
  • Does the driver's seat adjust forwards and backwards?
  • Are the seatbelts in good condition?
  • Are your windscreen wipers working effectively to clear the screen?
  • Does the horn work?
  • Is there any visible damage to your wheels or tyres?
  • Do your tyres have at least the minimum legal tyre tread depth of 1.6mm?
  • Is there fluid in your windscreen washer bottle?
  • Is there fuel and oil in your car? (We may not be able to conduct the test if levels are too low)

At Brayley Mitsubishi, our service team would be delighted to assist you with advice on any of the above issues, and we are happy to help with checking your tyres and advising on when you may need to replace them, as well as fitting new bulbs, so you can bring your car in for its MOT test with confidence. And, with Mitsubishi MOT Protection, you can have the reassurance that should something more serious be found during the MOT test, you’re well covered, and we’ll soon have you back on the road again.


To find out more about these Mitsubishi service plans, please call or send us a servicing enquiry

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