Brayley Mazda Health Check

Mazda Health Check

Treat yourself to peace-of-mind motoring with a Mazda health check

We care about you and your Mazda at Brayleys. That’s why we offer a Mazda health check, to ensure your car is working exactly as it should. We want you to experience all the benefits of owning a Mazda, like its spirited KODO design, its groundbreaking SKYACTIV technology and its exceptional Jinba Ittai driving experience. Taking advantage of regular Mazda health checks means complete peace of mind, as your Mazda will have been checked for safety and reliability, so you can enjoy your motoring even more. Just contact our friendly team to book your Mazda health check.

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Knowing your car is in perfect working order is a great feeling, which is why our complimentary vehicle health check is so popular. Brayleys is an approved Mazda main dealer, so you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that there’s nobody better qualified to look after your Mazda. With years of Mazda servicing and maintenance behind them, our specialist Mazda technicians have all been trained by Mazda, so they really are Mazda specialists and they’ll check your car to the highest standards using Mazda-approved processes.

During your Mazda health check, we’ll look at:

  • Exterior and interior parts
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • External lights
  • Fluid levels

Your car will be thoroughly inspected by one of our expert technicians to ensure all its key components and systems are in good condition and are working correctly. The check will include inspecting the condition and pressures of the tyres, the operation and settings of all the lights, the condition of the braking system and the levels of all the fluids, such as oil and coolant. We’ll also check over the rest of the car, both inside and out, to confirm there are no faulty components or areas that need attention. And you can rest assured that we’ll never carry out any chargeable work on your car without your prior authorisation and that, if we do find any work that needs doing, we’ll give you a fully costed estimate, so you can see exactly what you’re paying for in advance.

Mazda health check benefits include:

  • Performed by Mazda-trained technicians
  • Enjoy peace-of-mind motoring
  • Get the best performance from your car
  • Help to reduce your car’s running costs

Some of our customers like to have their annual Mazda health check mid-way between their car’s annual services. Others like to use it to make sure their Mazda is fully prepared for tough winter weather or to ensure their Mazda is all ready for their summer holidays. Whatever your reasons for choosing when you want your Mazda health check, just Contact us to find out exactly what’s involved in our health check or to book your car in straightaway.

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