New Mazda CX-30 e-Skyactiv X Engine

Upgraded e-Skyactiv X Engine – New For 2021

Latest Mazda CX-30 and Mazda3 – more power, less emissions

2021 sees new versions of the CX-30 and Mazda3, both featuring the upgraded version of the Skyactiv X SPCCI Spark Controlled Compression Ignition petrol engine.

Now called the e-Skyactiv X, this new engine boasts 6PS more power – 186PS at 6,000rpm. There’s also 16Nm more torque to play with, producing 240Nm at 4,000rpm. While most of this additional torque is raring to go from 2,000rpm or more, one of the big benefits of this upgrade is that there are improvements in torque at most engine speeds, making the benefits available in your daily drive.

You might think that increases in power output and more torque would inevitably lead to more emissions and an increase in fuel consumption. However, with the advanced technology developed for the e-Skyactiv X, the opposite is true. For example, the CX-30 SE-L Lux manual offers 2.5mpg more and has reduced emissions by 6g/km.

New 2021 Mazda3 e Skyactiv X Engine technology

Mazda engineers have achieved these results by a series of measures including:

  • Adjusting the compression ratio from 16.3:1 to 15.0:1
  • Optimising the combustion control
  • Modifying the pistons
  • Adapting the intake valve timing

Mazda has also updated its M Hybrid mild-hybrid software. This has allowed faster torque reactions that flatten the torque curve, resulting in smoother linear acceleration.

Mazda: better engines for better cars

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