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Happy 100th Birthday to Mazda

Happy 100th Birthday to Mazda


Mazda started life in January 1920 as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Company in Hiroshima. And, you’ve guessed it, it made cork. In 1921, Jujiro Matsuda became president of the company. Over the next 10 years, he moved the company from cork production into machine tools.

Mazda takes to the road

In 1931, the company made its first motor vehicle, the Mazda-go. This was a three-wheeled motorcycle with a cargo carrier mounted just behind the single seat. It was named after an ancient god of light and wisdom. It was also no coincidence that it bore so much resemblance to the way that Matsuda’s name should be pronounced.

The company developed its vehicle range over the years, using the Mazda name. The company didn’t change its name to Mazda Motor Corporation until much later.

In 1960, Mazda made its first car, the R60 Coupé. Leading the way in terms of fuel efficiency, this two-door, four-seater was capable of 75mpg. Take a look at the video below to see how the R60 inspired the Mazda 100th birthday special editions of the MX-5 Convertible, CX-30 and Mazda3.

Making a Mazda look amazing

Every Mazda model has a unique and alluring personality. Mazda designers are devoted to producing cars that look alive; cars that appear to be in motion, even when still. It’s a philosophy Mazda calls Kodo: Soul of Motion. The video shows a little of how it’s achieved.

Every Mazda starts in the earth

Like many of the great creation stories around the world, every Mazda is moulded from clay. Human hands work the clay. Expertly they craft it. Lovingly they massage it until they produce a form of pure beauty. Watch the video to see how these craftspeople toil ceaselessly to produce perfection.

Mazda – Leading the way

Mazda can claim so many firsts. Advanced systems like SKYACTIV technology and the development of Mazda M Hybrid keep the company at the forefront of vehicle technology - a place Mazda is determined to occupy for the next 100 years and more. Mazda M Hybrid technology is already available on the Mazda2, Mazda3 and CX-30. Look at the technology that makes a Mazda in this short video.

Drive Mazda today

Mazda started its foray into car making with a single model. Now Mazda makes everything from SUVs like the CX-5 to saloons like the Mazda6.

Mazda’s centenary year brings a range of exciting, new Mazda models to our dealerships – real corkers like the 2020 MX-5 and the all-electric All-new Mazda MX-30. Watch the video to see 100 years of the vehicles that Mazda has produced in its truly amazing history. 


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