Try a New Kia from the comfort of your home

Kia Video Test Drives are an easy and convenient way to discover Kia cars without leaving your home. Select a New or Used Kia and we’ll send you a comprehensive video review of the car’s styling, specification and performance.

Got a specific question about a car in the Kia range? Get the answer in a video! You’ll receive the same personal service and expert advice as if you were in the showroom. Request your Kia Video Test Drive from Brayley Kia today.

What is a Kia Video Test Drive?

A Kia Video Test Drive is a virtual showroom experience from the comfort of your home. Choose a New or Used Kia Car and receive a video featuring a detailed review from our friendly team at Brayley Kia:

  • Model Specifications and Options
  • Exterior Colours, Trims and Styling
  • Interior Layout and Comfort
  • Innovations and Advanced Technology
  • Road Handling and Performance


For specific questions about Kia Cars, we’re here to help. You’ll receive the answers and all the information you need from our Kia experts in a personalised video.


How do Kia Test Drives work?

Simply click Video Test Drive on your choice of New or Used Kia and let us do the rest. You’ll receive a video by mail that’s yours to keep. Contact us today!

See what a new Kia has in store - take a Brayley Kia Video Test Drive

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