Kia tyres are vital to your car’s performance, comfort and safety, especially in wet and slippery road conditions. That’s why it’s important to make sure your tyres are always in the best possible condition.

For complete reassurance, our friendly service technicians are on hand to check your Kia tyres at your local Kia service centre.

Need new Kia tyres? We’ll match any like-for-like quote for replacement tyres within a 10-mile radius of our dealerships*. Contact the Kia tyre experts at your local Brayley Kia dealer in Oxford, Harpenden or Enfield.

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Checking your Kia tyres

As your Kia’s tyres are the only point of contact with the road, it’s important to know that they are in optimal condition. Regularly checking your tyres is a key part of regular car maintenance.

Look along the sidewall for any damage or distortion. Then make sure that the tyre surface is free from nails, screws or thorns that can potentially cause a puncture. Then, verify the depth of the tyre tread. There should be at least 1.6mm of tyre tread depth across the middle of the surface, all the way around the tyre.

We recommend replacing the tyres on your Kia when the depth reaches 3mm. You’ll be assured optimal safety and performance in all weather and road conditions. If you’d like us to check the wear of your tyres, contact your local Brayley Kia dealership today.


What are the right tyre pressures for my Kia?

Every Kia car has its own specific tyre pressures. These may vary from front to rear too. You’ll find the recommended tyre pressures for your specific model in your Kia’s handbook or on the sticker in the driver’s door aperture.


Kia winter tyres

In the winter months, with cold, wet, and icy conditions, winter tyres can be a great investment to ensure maximum road grip. Our expert technicians will advise you on the best type of tyres depending on the kind of driving you do and the road conditions you are likely to experience.


Contact our specialists at your local Brayley Kia Service Centre today.


Where can I find Kia tyres?

When you’re looking for specialist Kia tyres and advice about the best tyres for your car, you can rely on your local Brayleys dealership. With Approved Kia Service Centres across Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire and London area, we’re here to keep you safe on the road in all seasons.


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All quotes for price matching must be in writing in their original form, either printed by the issuing company or printed off from an email. Quotes for tyres and associated work submitted for price matching must be of identical specification including the size, brand, pattern, load, speed rating and manufactures markings. Tyre quotes (to include VAT) must be fully fitted, including valves, balancing and disposal charges. You must present the original quote within 90 days of it being issued. The original quote supplied for price matching must come from a VAT registered automotive business within a driving radius of 15 miles of a Brayley Kia dealership. Quotes from internet retailers are excluded. We reserve the right to contact the issuing company to confirm the quote. Quotes must be on advertised rates, free from special offers or negotiated discounts. This price matching offer is for retail customers only. Our price matching tyre offer is valid until 31 December 2020.