Kia Safety Check

Kia Seasonal Safety Check - £19.95*

Drive with peace of mind in all seasons

A Kia Safety Check ensures optimal performance, security and reliability. Winter, spring, summer or autumn seasons can pass between your annual services. Damage and wear can also occur, potentially affecting the condition of your car.

Avoid any issues whatever the season with a Kia Health Check for just £19.95*. Our friendly service teams in Enfield, Harpenden and Oxford are on hand to help. Book a Safety Check or enquire online today.


Let us take care of your Kia maintenance

Your car goes through a lot on the road in all weathers. During the winter, spring, autumn and summer, wear and vulnerabilities can arise between Services. A Kia Health Check is designed to help keep your maintenance up to date and ensure your car is in the best possible condition for performance and safety.

Our Kia trained technicians have specialist knowledge and expert experience on all Kia models. We’ll check all your car’s essential components with the latest main dealer diagnostic equipment.


A 21-point Brayley Kia Vehicle Health Check includes:

✔️ Internal and External Visual safety inspection ✔️ Fluid levels such as Oil and Coolants ✔️ Tyre pressures, tyre wear and tyre condition ✔️ Lights ✔️ Battery ✔️ Brakes ✔️ Major mechanical components


We’ll give you a detailed rundown of your car’s condition. If there are any abnormalities, we’ll let you know straight away. We never do any work without your prior authorisation and we’ll provide a detailed quote so you’ll know exactly how much it will cost in advance.

And if your vehicle does require attention, you’ll have the peace of mind that our highly-trained technicians will always use genuine Kia parts, maintaining your seven-year Kia warranty.


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Contact your nearest Brayley Kia dealer covering Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and North London area. You’ll find comprehensive Kia servicing and maintenance in your area.

Prepare your car for all seasons with a Kia Health Check

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*Offer ends 30 June 2021. The Brayleys 21-Point Winter Visual Safety Check is a visual vehicle inspection of certain parts of the vehicle only, carried out by a Brayley Kia dealership. It does not comprise a full assessment of the condition of the vehicle and the vehicle driver remains responsible for monitoring and maintaining the vehicle in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Recommended remedial work will be chargeable. Bookings for checks are subject to availability. Top-up quantity of coolant, brake fluid, screen wash and engine oil is limited to a maximum of ½ litre per fluid. Additional quantities will be advised and with customer consent, charged accordingly. RRP of Brayley Kia 21-Point Check is £19.95 incl. VAT. Retail customers only. Kia vehicles only.