Kia Health Check from Brayley Kia in Hertfordshire & Essex

Brayley Kia Complimentary Visual Health Check

Drive with peace of mind knowing you’re safe

Drive happy, drive reassured. With a free Kia visual check from Brayleys, your car will have undergone a thorough inspection by our expert technicians to make sure it’s at its very best. That means you won’t need to worry about the safety or reliability of your Kia because our expert technicians will have done all the worrying for you and made sure all is well. And even better is that your Kia health check is absolutely free, so get in touch with our friendly service team today and book your Kia in for its complimentary health check.

Your car goes through a lot out there on the road in all weathers, from the hottest sun to the iciest winters. It’s not surprising that small issues and vulnerabilities can arise in between your annual services. Fortunately, our Kia visual health check is designed to spot when your car might need attention in advance, so it won’t let you down when you’re relying on it. All our technicians have been trained by Kia and have a lot of experience on all the different Kia models, as well as having access to all the latest technical bulletins from Kia. We’ll use our specialist knowledge to check all your car’s essential components and let you know if we find any issues.

Our Brayley Kia Vehicle Visual Check includes:

  • Fluid levels to make sure your car won’t let you down
  • Tyre pressures, tyre wear and tyre condition to ensure your safety on the road
  • Visual safety check inside and out to spot anything that needs attention
  • Lights for your safety, visibility and legality
  • Battery to make sure your Kia’s always ready to go
  • Controls to see everything is working to Kia’s specification

It’s a detailed inspection and that means we might need to recommend rectification work in the event that we find anything amiss. Rest assured that we will never carry out any additional work without your authorisation in advance and we’ll make sure you know exactly what the work is and how much it will cost too. And if your Kia does require some work, you’ll have the peace of mind that our Kia-trained technicians will always use genuine Kia parts, so however long remains of your precious seven-year warranty will be maintained.

Whether you decide to have your free Kia health check during its annual service or MOT test at your local Brayley Kia, or whether you prefer to put it six months after your service or just before an important trip, you can be certain that you’re trusting your car to real Kia specialists at Brayleys.

Brayley Kia Health Check: So you can always trust your Kia

To find out more about our Kia visual health check or to book your car in, please call us or send us a Brayley Kia Vehicle Visual Check offer enquiry