Servicing and maintaining your Kia

Brayley Kia servicing: making sure your Kia performs at its best

As a Kia owner, you’ll no doubt value reliability, efficiency, safety and comfort highly, and you’ll naturally want to ensure these features of your car are at their best for as long as you own it. The best of way of doing this is to ensure it's serviced by someone that Kia trusts – someone like us.

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At Brayleys, we are fully approved by Kia to carry out all servicing and maintenance work on Kias, which means all our technicians have been trained by Kia, they know every Kia model inside and out and they have the most up-to-date information on your specific model. It also means we only use Kia approved servicing and diagnostics equipment and fit only genuine Kia parts and accessories. What’s more, with a Kia servicing stamp in your service book you’ll be giving your Kia the best chance possible of maintaining its value.

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Scheduled servicing ensures your Kia will run better for longer...
Kia Maintenance Pricing in Essex & Hertfordshire
Kia Maintenance Prices
Maintenance Servicing for brilliant fixed prices...
Kia Servicing Prices at Brayley Kia in Harpenden
Kia Servicing Prices 
Cheaper than you think! Kia Servicing from as little as £149...
Kia MOT at Brayley Kia in Hertfordshire
MOT from the Kia experts for just £54.85... 
Kia Visual Safety Check in Hertfordshire & Essex
Kia Health Check
Ensure your Kia is in the best possible shape...
How often should I service my Kia?
When should I service my Kia?
Service schedule information from the Kia experts.... 
7 Year Kia Warranty
Kia 7 Year Warranty
Guaranteed peace of mind, free with your Kia... 
Kia Air Conditioning
Kia Air Conditioning
Great offers on Air Conditioning for your Kia... 

Service Plans

Our service plans can help you plan your servicing costs and, at Brayley Kia, you’ll find all our pricing is highly competitive. Whether you have a brand new Kia or a used Kia, Brayleys can take care of all your servicing. Maybe, you’ve just moved into the area or you would like to review your current servicing arrangements, we have some superb servicing options for your Kia and we would be delighted to talk through a service plan to meet your exact needs. All our service plans are designed to meet Kia recommendations on service intervals and our pricing covers all labour, parts and lubricants. Based on your specific Kia model, your predicted annual mileage and how long you want your service plan to run, we’ll help you budget for all your Kia servicing and cover the costs with easy monthly payments.

Why Brayleys?

Customer service is what Brayleys is all about. We’re proud of our policy to treat everyone who comes to Brayleys like a welcome guest in our home and our team is passionate about meeting the varied requirements of all our customers. What’s more, we’re open every day of the week, so you can be sure that one of our Kia team is always on hand to answer any questions, to meet your needs whatever they may be and to look after you and your Kia.

Service Promise

Our attention to customer care extends all the way to your Kia, as our technicians will look after every car that comes through our doors as if it were their own. Every car our customers bring into Brayleys, however big or small the job, is guaranteed to receive our special level of care and an attention to detail that’s rare today – it’s what makes Brayleys so different.


Kia Servicing includes:

  • We’ll treat you like a guest in our home and your car as if it were our own
  • We only employ only highly skilled, Kia-trained technicians
  • We use only genuine Kia parts and materials that come with a two year warranty
  • We use the latest Kia diagnostics and specialist tools
  • We offer service plans to suit all requirements and budgets


Brayley Kia servicing: get the best service to ensure your Kia remains at its best

To find out more about our excellent range of services, please call or send us a Kia Servicing enquiry