New Kia Cars at Brayley Kia in Harpenden, Hertfordshire

New Kia Cars for sale from Brayley Kia

New Kia Cars: Excellent value and impressive specification

Take a look at the new Kia Cars range which offers excellent value for money and an impressive specification. From the youthful Kia Picanto to the ultra versatile Kia Carens, there is a Kia model that is right for your lifestyle.

New Kia Niro 
New Kia Niro HUV
Now available, the hybrid powered Niro crossover is a true Kia original...
All-New Kia Sportage 
All-New Kia Sportage
Bold and progressive, the latest Kia Sportage takes driving enjoyment to another level...
All-New Kia Sorento at Brayley Kia in Hertfordshire 
New Kia Sorento 
Comprehensively revised, the All-New Kia Sorento is safer, more efficient, and more economical…
Brand New Kia Picanto with Brayley Kia in Harpenden
All-New Kia Picanto 
Driven by the energy of youth, the all-new Kia Picanto is ready for fun…
New Kia Rio at Brayley Kia in Harpenden, Hertfordshire
New Kia Rio 
Designed to turn heads, the dynamic New Rio hatchback offers a high level of comfort and low running costs…
Brand New Kia Soul at Brayley Kia in Hertfordshire
Kia Soul 
With improved fuel consumption and lower emissions, the Soul has a Tardis-like interior…
All New Kia Venga at Brayley Kia in Harpenden 
Kia Venga
The Venga combines the economy and performance of a supermini with the flexibility of a larger car…
New Kia cee'd at Brayley Kia in Harpenden, Hertfordshire 
Kia cee'd
The all-new 5-door cee’d hatchback with head-turning design, innovative technology and superior features…
Discover the New Kia cee'd Sportswagon at Brayley Kia in Harpenden 
Kia cee'd Sportswagon
The all-new Kia cee’d Sportswagon combines sophisticated exterior design and interior luxury…
All New Kia pro_cee'd at Brayley Kia in Harpeden, Hertfordshire 
Kia pro_cee'd
Kia’s New pro_cee’d is best in class for quality engineering. Dynamic styling, powerful and fuel efficient…
All New Kia pro_cee'd GT at Brayley Kia in Hertfordshire 
Kia pro_cee'd GT
The New pro_cee’d GT, Kia’s most high performance model yet. Best in class technology & sleek aesthetics…
New Kia cee'd GT at Brayley Kia in Harpenden 
New Kia cee’d GT
New Kia cee’d GT, same performance as pro_cee’d GT plus the practicality of 5 doors…
Brand New Kia Optima at Brayley Kia in Harpenden, Hertfordshire 
All-New Kia Optima
Head-turner with a roomy interior, the Optima has a signature design and best-in-class performance…
Brand New Kia Carens at Brayley Kia in Hertfordshire 
Kia Carens
Practical and stylish, the Carens is incredibly spacious with great safety features…

Coming Soon to Brayley Kia

Brand New Kia Stinger GT at Brayley Kia in Hertfordshire 
Kia Stinger
A first for Kia, take a look at the all-new Kia Stinger…

Kia: home of the impressive 7 year warranty

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