All-New Kia Sportage SUV 2021

All-New Kia Sportage 2021

Fifth generation Kia Sportage coming soon to Brayleys

The all-new Kia Sportage is headed to Brayley Kia! Building on the success of the current Kia Sportage, the all-new fifth generation model will take everything to the next level. Expect sharper, modernised looks based on a brand new design language, the latest in driver assisted technologies, and unrivalled interior space, in an SUV that offers incredible value.

After being in production for 28 years, this model will see the Kia Sportage will enter its fifth generation. Set to be unveiled in full in July 2021, the latest Sportage model is predicted to be the most stylish and advanced yet.

For the first time, the Kia Sportage will receive a dedicated European model that has been specifically designed for the wants and needs of European customers. This means, rather than sharing the model that is sold all over the world, Europe will receive its very own version, refined for users’ unique requirements.

All-New 2021 Kia Sportage exterior

So far, Kia has only released a few teaser images, all of which hint at the new design direction known as ‘Opposites United’. This new design direction influences everything from the appearance of the exterior to the character of the drive.

While the exterior has a muscular, sharp appearance, inside is all about innovation and comfort. The cockpit is driver-orientated with a bold look but a soft, innovative focus. Full details regarding technology specification are yet to be announced, but expect large, high-definition touchscreens and the very latest in driver assistance systems.

All-New Kia Sportage 2021 interior

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