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Find out why the Kia Warranty means stress-free motoring at Brayleys


✔️ Seven whole years.

✔️ Eighty-four entire months.

✔️ Three hundred and sixty-four long weeks.

✔️ As many as two thousand, five hundred and fifty-seven days.

Whichever way you look at it, Kia’s unbeatable warranty lasts for a long time, certainly much longer than that offered by other car brands.

According to Geoff Stevens, sales manager of Brayley Kia Oxford, the generous warranty is entirely reflective of Kia’s values.

The whole ethos of Kia is to make things easier for customers. Partly this is reflected in offering a large range of cars with a great selection of powertrains – from conventional petrol and diesel engines, through hybrids (both plug-in and self-charging), to fully-electric. This means that there is something for everyone in the range.

‘However, Kia recognise that once you have taken delivery of a car that suits your needs, cost of ownership come to the fore. There’s nothing worse than worrying about big bills after only three or four years. By offering the seven-year warranty, Kia protects its customers from these concerns, allowing them a stress-free ownership experience. And the best thing about the warranty is that there’s every chance you’ll never need it, thanks to Kia’s legendary reliability.’

So the 7-year warranty is Kia’s secret weapon?

Geoff pauses before replying. ‘I certainly see it as a great selling tool – if other manufacturers thought they could afford to offer it they would, which must say something about their vehicles’ durability. That said, I wouldn’t want people to think a 7-year warranty is all Kia has to offer. Kia cars drive and perform really well – just look at the results of independent road tests, or even better ask a Kia owner!’


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