Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade

This is the essence of our passion for racing. It's the driving force behind our enduring commitment to pushing boundaries. The invaluable input from HRC and our riders has culminated in the birth of the new CBR1000RR-R Fireblade. With enhancements to the intake and cylinder head, we've amplified its mid-range power, coupled with optimized gearbox ratios to deliver unparalleled acceleration out of corners.

While preserving peak power, our focus has been on refining the response through Two Motor Throttle By Wire technology, ensuring every revolution per minute is maximized, offering precise throttle control at your fingertips. Through meticulous weight reduction and a finely tuned chassis, we've elevated handling and grip, offering a seamless connection between rider and machine.

The updated fairing winglets are designed to maintain downforce while reducing steering effort at high speeds. Whether you're carving through winding roads or pushing limits on the track, the redesigned riding position provides a sense of complete control and freedom. This isn't just a machine made for racing—it's a machine born to dominate the racetrack.

Accessory Brochure

Honda Fireblade
1000cc DOHC Inline Four-Cylinder Engine We've kept the short-stroke, semi-cam design's 160kW/215hp peak power @ 14,000prm, but now it develops stronger, with more precise mid-range punch the moment the throttle is tapped on.
Honda Fireblade
Unique Separate Control Two Motor Throttle By Wire Two Motor TBW delivers separate control for each pair of cylinders, for much smoother throttle response and improved engine braking performance.
Honda Fireblade
New Winglet Aerodynamics HRC have designed new winglets which maintains downforce and front-end grip, but with 10% less yaw moment, delivering high-speed handling agility.
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