New Honda Fireblade SP

The CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP is created with the racetrack in mind, which is not to say it doesn’t excel in other riding scenarios. After all, it’s fully road-legal, with all necessary features needed to ride safely, including lights and indicators. It’s just that this exhilarating Super Sport motorcycle is in its element when chasing the perfect lap time.

The Fireblade SP allows you and your bike to become one, with the same goals in mind: stay in the game, gain every advantage and win the race. This is a bike that’s not backwards when coming forwards. It’s loud and it’s super-fast – and few if any of its competitors can handle corners as well as this bike can.

Accessories Brochure

Lightweight carbon fixtures With the CBR1000RR-R range in general, Honda has done its utmost to reduce weight in order to maximise speed. This is why the Fireblade SP is fitted with several significantly lighter 3K prepreg carbon features, including the bike’s airbox cover, front mudguard, rear hugger and under cowl.
Tricolour wheel stripe set Red-white-and-blue-coloured wheel stripes are included as standard, incorporating the similarly toned HRC emblem. Optional wheel strip sets include Italian Red, Pearl Sunbeam White, Green Metallic and Candy Tahitian Blue.
High screen options Supplied with a Smoked finish as standard, the Fireblade SP’s WVTA-certified high screen is designed to provide you with additional high-speed wind protection. Made with lightweight yet durable polycarbonate, this high screen is also available in Clear.
Next steps If you have any questions concerning the Honda Fireblade SP or if you would like to book a test ride, please don’t hesitate to contact the Brayley Honda Motorcycles team today.