Honda CMX500 Rebel

If you’re short of money and not the tallest of people, the CMX500 Rebel is an excellent option, one that many first-time riders have made their motorcycle of choice. It’s more cost-effective to run and maintain than the majority of naked city slickers too, which is not to say that more experienced cyclists don’t swear by it. Allied with Honda’s fully deserved reputation for build quality and reliability, this particular Rebel is definitely not without a cause.

The new Honda CMX500’s raw aesthetic and no-nonsense style make it a fine bobber, one that’s easy to ride and inspires confidence, particularly when travelling in urban environments.

For anyone who requires an affordable, fashionable, nimble and fun-to-ride bike, this particular Honda model is most certainly worth considering.

Accessory Brochure

Lighting the way Just below the bike’s handlebars and between its two indicator lights sits a perfect circle, protected by a glass cover, behind which you’ll spot four high-intensity LED bulbs. In combination, they produce a light signature that echoes that of bobber motorcycles of days gone by.
LCD display Another of the CMX500 Rebel’s perfect circles is its dual-tone LCD display. White graphics appear against a contrasting blue backlight, providing easy-to-read speed and gear position settings – and much more.
Stripped for action The bike’s stripped-back sensibilities make it an ideal candidate for customisation. We’ve already mentioned the four colour options that are available – but essentially, the Rebel is a two-wheeled blank canvas, and it’s ready for you to imprint your personality on it.
Next steps The latest CMX500 is available now at Brayley Honda Motorcycles in Romford, Essex. To make your test ride appointment, please contact the team today.