New Honda Rebel CMX1100

Are you ready to rebel? We’re not talking full-on insurgency here – but if you’re up for some convention-defying biking, the Rebel CMX1100 has your name on it.

While delivering thrills aplenty, this no-frills motorcycle boasts a super-modern design that offers widespread appeal. Be assured, however, it’s possessed of more than a hint of danger, which makes it particularly attractive to any ‘bad’ boys and girls out there.

Yes, this is a bike that’s perfect for those motorcyclists who want to get down and dirty while retaining plenty of urban chic. If you choose to ride into town on this baby, there’s no way you won’t command immediate attention.

Accessory Brochure

Back in black A Gunmetal Black Metallic paint finish serves to accentuate the bike’s impressively minimal good looks – even the distinctive winged Honda emblem is black, though clearly visible. Alternatively, an Iridium Grey Metallic finish provides a lighter but no less compelling look.
Up your street Accentuate the Rebel CMX1100’s urban capabilities – and street cred – with a choice of Street accessories, such as a diamond-stitched brown or black seat. This can be fitted in the standard position or set forward – it’s entirely up to you.
Ready to tour? If you fancy taking the bike for long-distance rides, there are Touring accessories designed for that very purpose. For example, you can swap out the standard seating set-up for rider-and-pillion comfort seats, which feature a passenger backrest, foot pegs, a rear rack and more besides.
Four ride modes Choose STANDARD for everyday travel, RAIN for low-speed, stop-start riding, and SPORT whenever you want to go full-throttle.
Three-level HSTC Enjoy peace of mind whenever the going gets tough with Honda Selectable Torque Control, which optimises rear-wheel torque by adjusting power in order to minimise rear-wheel slip.
Wheelie Control A component of HSTC, Wheelie Control uses front-and-rear-wheel speed sensors and traction-control to pull the bike’s front wheel upwards while you remain in first gear.
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