New Honda CB650R

When it comes to urban biking, riding doesn’t get much better than with the Honda CB650R, which makes a virtue of minimalism, with its stripped-down, streamlined design exuding street-level appeal. Super-compact and possessed of an assertive and dynamic stance, this cruiser is the perfect choice for free-spirited individuals who appreciate retro style while enjoying contemporary craftsmanship.

Indeed, the CB650R is loaded with all the tech needed to make each journey a memorable one. Full LED lighting, for example, adds unquestionable visual appeal while providing high-quality blue-tinted illumination. And, located within easy reach beneath your seat, you’ll find a USB port – ideal for charging your mobile device.

Accessory Brochure

LCD dash View all essential bike data in real time with the CB650R’s vivid LCD instrument display, which includes Shift Up and Gear Position indicators.
LED illumination All lighting is provided by powerful, long-lasting LEDs, the most prominent of which is a large circular headlamp that emits a blue-tinted beam of light, ensuring exceptional night-time visibility.
Emergency Stop Signal Emergency Stop Signal is a clever piece of tech that instantly detects hard braking pressure. In so doing, it initiates front and rear hazard lights, thus providing an immediate and super-effective warning to any vehicles that lay ahead and behind.
Next steps If you’d like to take a closer look at the CB650R, please don’t hesitate to book your test ride with Brayley Honda today.