Honda CB300R

If you fancy taking a break from a bigger bike – or you’re ready to take the metaphorical stabilisers off and progress from a 125cc two-wheeler, the Honda CB300R is an excellent option. Whether you’re travelling around town or enjoying every twist and turn of a long country road, it’s a blast to ride. The motorcycle’s lightweight yet super-robust frame is propelled by easily accessible power while premium suspension and braking prowess afford nimble, confident handling.

This newest addition to the Neo Sports Café CB range more than justifies its place. If you’re a relative beginner and you require an upgrade – a stepping-stone bike if you will –there are few if any better options. Conversely, if you’re a more seasoned rider, someone who’s used to a 650cc bike, perhaps, the CB300R makes for a refreshing and fun change.

Accessory Brochure

Less is more By keeping things simple, Honda has created a bike that truly deserves its place in the Neo Sports Café pantheon. Whichever colour finish you choose, it’ll be beautifully enhanced by a core, jet-black body.
Updated LCD display A newly tweaked LCD instrument display features a revised gear position indicator that offers greater clarity, thus making it easier to maximise fuel efficiency.
LED impact Full-LED lights not only provide enhanced illumination, they look good too. For instance, the bike’s impactful circular headlamp projects a distinctive light signature.
Next steps If you’d like to take a closer look at the Honda CB300R, please get in touch with the Brayley Honda team today to make your test ride appointment.