New Honda CB1000R Black Edition

If you require a bike that’s easy to live with and is possessed of an intimidating aura, the CB1000R Black Edition is the perfect candidate.

This dark delight isn’t always easy to get a fix on, which is by design, of course. Some bikes are created with in-your-face colours and graphics – but this is simply not what the Black Edition’s all about. Sometimes, less is more and, because black represents an absence of light, it’s a look that makes this CB1000R all the more impressive when it emerges from the shadows.

Stealthy though it is, this bike is more than capable of announcing its presence; with the throttle opened wide, a rasping, deep-thrumming sound emits from an appropriately all-black 4-2-1 exhaust.

Accessory Brochure

Fly, my pretty When you’re travelling at speed and the wind is particularly strong, a resilient fly screen is an absolute must. This one comes with an attractive anodised black finish, offering a fashionable aspect to the art of wind deflection.
Keep connected A five-inch screen utilises Honda’s Smartphone Voice Control System, allowing easy access to calls, messages, audio content and navigation functionality. It’s fully compatible with Apple and Android devices too.
Kitted out An easily attachable rear seat bag provides a flexible capacity of between 15 and 22 litres. Meanwhile, a Tank Bag offers a three-litre volume and features a handy zip-up side pocket (ideal for mobile devices and the like) that fits snugly with the bike’s fuel tank.
Next steps If you’re attracted to the dark side – metaphorically speaking, of course – be sure to take your CBR1000R Black Edition test ride with our Romford, Essex team today.