Honda Vision 110

If a 50cc scooter isn’t powerful enough for your needs and a 125cc model is a little more than you require, the Honda Vision 110 makes for an elegant solution. Elegant is a fitting word for this stylish scooter which, despite its low asking price, offers plenty of visual appeal while providing a comfortable form of transport for all your city-wide jaunts.

It’s an easy scooter to get on and get off – or for resting both feet on the ground while you wait at traffic lights. The riding position is comfortable and the flat floor is the perfect place to put your feet as you pick up speed.

As well as being affordable to buy, the Vision 110 is very cost-effective to run. It’s super easy to operate too – and of course, it benefits from Honda’s well-deserved reputation for build quality and reliability.

Accessory Brochure

Think smart One of the best ways to get ahead of the competition is with a Smart Key, which allows easy engine ignition, which means no messing about. It also locks/unlocks the Vision’s seat, providing extra convenience in everyday urban life.
Perky performer The Vision’s upgraded air-cooled engine ensures a top speed of 55mph, which is significantly more than the average 30mph urban limit. Indeed, whenever you require a quick turn of pace, this scooter will prove to be a valuable city asset.
Even more capacity If you need more storage space, an optional 35-litre Top Box is a must. It fits neatly on the back of the scooter (via a base, which is included) and its smooth, ergonomic design ensures it blends right in with the Vision as a whole.
Your next steps Would you like to test ride the new Honda Vision 110? If so, we’d be delighted to oblige. To make your appointment, please contact Brayleys Honda in Romford, Essex today.