Honda SH125i

The Honda SH125i is a scooter that can be all things to all people. It’s extremely well built, easy to operate, delivers considerable oomph and offers exceptional fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the smallest of Honda’s SH scooters provides noteworthy luggage capacity and ensures comfortable cross-city travelling – and to those places far beyond. Even for those riders who are big-bike aficionados, the SH125i offers a refreshing and rewarding change of pace. Once sampled, it’s the kind of two-wheeler that will have you wondering if there’s room in the garage for more than one form of transport…

Alternatively, if you’re new to the world of scootering, it’s a great place to start, particularly if you’re looking for a premium model that comes with all the trimmings.

Discover for yourself how accomplished the Honda SH125i is by booking your test ride appointment with the Brayleys Honda team today.

Accessory Brochure

The finished article Once you’ve made your decision to secure the Honda SH125i – a good choice, by the way – all that remains is to choose the colour. Pearl Falcon Grey and Coal Black are cool and classy options, while Matte Pearl Pacific Blue and Hyper Red emphasise the scooter’s innate sense of fun.
Light, compact and practical With its new, lighter frame, the SH125i offers more space than ever, which means more room to store those things you need to bring with you. For instance, a handy under-seat compartment will comfortably accommodate a full-face helmet.
Key component Begin every journey with the minimum of fuss with Honda Smart Key. This enables effortless engine ignition whenever you’re in close proximity to your scooter, provided you have the key about your person. It also unlocks the SH125i’s under-seat compartment, fuel cap and steering lock.
Upgraded suspension Greater control and extra-flexible bump-absorption is made possible by newly recalibrated rear-suspension and engine-hanger-link angles. Furthermore, the scooter features dual rear shocks that offer five-step spring preload adjustment with 83-millimetre axle travel. All of which equates to a greater ride quality than ever.
Riding assistance The SH125i is equipped with plenty of useful features, including Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which ably manages rear-wheel traction – and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which maximises rear-wheel stability.
New LCD display A snazzy-looking LCD panel provides a host of readings (speed, mileage, etc.) plus ISS, HSTC, ABS and warning-light information. It’s easy to interact with too, thanks to the inclusion of left-handlebar-mounted controls.
Your Next Steps We’d love to demonstrate the Honda SH125i to you while providing the opportunity for you to test ride it. To make your appointment, please contact our Romford, Essex team at your earliest convenience.