Honda PCX 125

The PCX 125 maintains its position as one of Honda’s top-selling scooters and it’s easy to see why. One thing’s for certain, it’s available from Brayleys today at a very attractive price point.

There’s much more to the PCX 125 than mere affordability, however. This stylish two-wheeler comes with a fine pedigree, it’s generously equipped, very easy to ride and offers exceptional fuel economy. Furthermore, this accomplished scooter makes for ideal commuter transportation – and it’s a great place for learners to begin.

The Honda PCX 125 has benefitted from a number of updates in recent years. The latest model is no exception, possessing revitalised good looks while offering more power and full Euro 5 compliance.

Accessory Brochure

Stylish wheels, bigger tyres The latest PCX 125 iteration features cast-aluminium wheels that boast a stylish new five-spoke design and are encased in increased-size tyres that deliver enhanced grip and rider comfort.
Updated widescreen display A new LCD instrument dash provides all essential data in an intuitive and easy-to-read manner. As well as the likes of speed and fuel-consumption readings, it features an Idling Stop System indicator.
Premium LED illumination The PCX 125 is fitted with all-around, full LED lights, allowing you to enjoy optimal visibility, whatever the time of day. Moreover, each distinctive LED light signature ensures that you are always easily visible to other road users.
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