Montesa Cota 4RT 301RR Race Replica

Based on the excellent Cota 4RT, we have created an exclusive Race Replica inspired by the decoration on Toni Bou’s World Championship. In addition, the high-quality SHOWA suspensions will always be appreciated on more demanding sections.

CotaRT301RR Engine Close Up
Strong Engine
The Cota 301RR sports a fuel-injected, four-valve 298cc four-stroke engine, engineered with a flat-topped, three-ringed piston to enhance low-rpm torque and efficiency. Engine braking is minimized, courtesy of the breather design and ignition map.
CotaRT301RR Rear Sprocket
Ready Racer The Montesa Cota 4RT 301RR integrates a robust rear sprocket, ensuring compliance with FIM race regulations. This enables our most discerning race customers to seamlessly transition from the shop to the racetrack with the new 301RR.
Winning Design The remarkable Montesa Cota 4RT 301RR Race Replica showcases a striking design inspired by Toni Bou's championship-winning race motorcycle, complete with full World Championship decoration.
Your Next Steps You can learn more about the thrilling Montesa Cota 4RT 301RR Race Replica by scheduling a test ride at Brayleys Honda in Romford, Essex today. Simply liaise with a member of the team to arrange a date and time that suits you.