New aluminium side stand The lightweight triangular-section forged aluminium side stand of the Cota 301RR is passed down to the Cota 4RT 260R, ensuring durability and reliability. Positioned near the engine and neatly tucked under the swingarm, it stays well-protected, out of harm's way.
Maximise Protection The Cota 4RT 260R's bash plate ensures unmatched protection for the engine underside and front lower frame rails. Inspired by the Montesa World Championship Machine, it's made from lightweight aluminum of equal quality, maintaining thickness and enhancing strength for unbeatable durability.
Power Perfected The Cota 4RT 260R boasts a lightweight, fuel-injected, four-valve 258.9 cc four-stroke engine, engineered to deliver unparalleled smoothness of control and ample power.
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Your Next Steps Your Next Steps You can learn more about the thrilling Montesa Cota 4RT 206R by scheduling a test ride at Brayleys Honda in Romford, Essex today. Simply liaise with a member of the team to arrange a date and time that suits you.