New Honda CMX500 Rebel

From the moment of its release in 2017, the Honda CMX500 Rebel hit the ground running, becoming the best-selling factory Custom bike in 2021 – and it continues to go great guns.

As soon as it became clear that this mid-range bobber would homage its 1930s-heyday roots while encapsulating Honda’s modern-day desire to innovate, it was born to succeed. Of course, the globally admired Japanese bike maker has never rested on its laurels. Which is why Honda quickly set about making an already great motorcycle even greater. Following recent revisions, it’s now become even more comfortable to ride, thanks to redesigned suspension and seating.

Possessed of gorgeously chunky good looks, this easy-riding bike offers terrific value for money, whether you’re a relative newcomer to the bobber scene or a seasoned veteran.

Accessory Brochure

Easy rider A combination of lean proportions, low-slung seat and mid-mounted foot pegs fosters a relaxed riding position. The aforementioned seat has been redesigned too, affording maximum comfort, no matter how long the journey.
Contemporary LED headlight A classic and contemporary high-mounted and super-stylish die-cast-aluminium-trimmed circular LED headlamp evokes the look of bobbers of the past. However, it’s now an all-LED affair, one that offers the combined brightness of four high-intensity bulbs.
Circular speedometer Positioned at the centre of the Rebel’s handlebars, a compact and circular speedometer features a crisp white-on-blue LCD display – and it now features a gear indicator.
Next steps If we’ve stirred your interest in the CMX500 Rebel, please don’t hesitate to book your test ride with our Romford, Essex team today.