Honda CRF1100L Adventure Sports

The incredible Africa Twin forms the basis of the new Honda CRF1100L Adventure Sports, but this is just part of the story. With the addition of a long-range fuel tank and exceptional comfort as standard, the model boasts great agility and reliability on every journey. It also features a powerful 1,100cc twin-cylinder engine that returns plenty of punch and fuel efficiency, with riding aids that complement performance.

No matter where life takes you, the CRF1100L Adventure Sports is the perfect travelling companion. Unearth a world of experiences and excitement, taking the motorcycle on off-road adventures or hitting the open road. Plus, you can do so in style, with the Adventure Sports offering distinctive good looks that will turn heads.

Accessory Brochure

Smartphone connectivity You can effortlessly sync your smartphone to the engaging colour touchscreen, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto giving you control over navigation and communications.
Front side pipes An added touch of style is provided by the front side pipes being finished with a durable electrolytic polishing process that offers corrosion resistance.
Low and high seat options Depending on preference, you have the opportunity to select from low (825mm) to high (895mm) seating options that are colour matched to the body of the bike.
Ready to go The powerful 1,100cc twin-cylinder engine of the CRF1100L Adventure Sports is ready to tackle any adventure, offering plenty of punch and power at all times.
Choose your finish In addition to the Pearl Glare White finish that comes with flashes of red and blue, you can opt for the more subtle approach of the Matte Iridium Grey Metallic design.
Ride adjustment The ideal suspension settings are always available thanks to the Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment feature that adapts according to the terrain and surface.
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