Honda Monkey

Derived from the Honda Z series (produced from 1961 to 1999) and the Ape model that followed, the Monkey brings freedom and fun to city riding.

Fun is the operative word because the Honda Monkey is guaranteed to brighten up your day while you weave in out of traffic with ease. It’s sure to put a smile on the face of road users and pedestrians alike too. Even better, this compact motorcycle is ideal urban transport – and it’s an absolute joy to ride.

There’s an appealingly nostalgic element to the Monkey since it’s very much made in the image of the original. Nevertheless, Honda has worked hard to make it a bike for today, providing it with its most powerful – and wonderfully frugal – engine to date, for example.

Whether you require a motorcycle that’s ideal for shopping trips, city commutes or camping excursions, the Honda Monkey is certain to provide you with a happy, hassle-free riding experience.

Retro-modern Monkey The latest Monkey iteration looks like the one we know and love – and indeed, it very much is. However, the bike’s retro style is supported by up-to-the minute tech. For instance, a full-LCD circular instrument cluster isn’t something the original model could be said to have possessed.
All-LED illumination The latest Monkey model features full-LED lights, the most prominent of which is an enlarged circular headlamp, a noteworthy design feature that provides exceptional illumination.
Complementary chrome Whichever colour scheme you select, you can be certain it’ll perfectly complement the bike’s highly polished chrome steel fixtures and fittings, which include high-level mudguards and handlebars.
Your next steps Words alone cannot do the Honda Monkey full justice so we highly recommend booking a test ride to judge for yourself how good it is. To make your appointment, please contact our Romford, Essex team today.