Honda DAX 125

The Dax made its debut at the tail end of the Swinging Sixties, when cultural creativity – music, fashion and film, most notably, was at a peak. Already, in 1963, Harold Wilson, the then-leader of the Labour Party had talked about the “white heat” of technological innovation. So, it’s no surprise that a bike such as the Honda Dax was devised and manufactured during these heady times.

The modern-day Dax 125 possesses the easy-going style of its late-1960s/1970s precursor – and since technology has evolved substantially since then, it rides even better than before. The reasons for this are numerous. For instance, the bike boasts an upgraded frame, delivers enhanced suspension, produces increased braking power and outputs more oomph than ever.

Today, the Dax is as relaxing to ride as it was back in the day, even more so, in fact – and it’s a whole lot of fun too.

An easy-riding minibike The Dax is an excellent option for a wide spectrum of riders, from newbies to experienced motorcyclists. It’s simple to operate and comfortable to ride, thanks in no small part to its upright position and top-quality suspension.
Low-emission efficiency This Honda minibike is fully Euro 5 compliant, producing CO2 emissions as low as 35g/km. Moreover, it returns up to 180mpg and offers a 150-mile range whenever its 3.8-litre tank is filled with fuel.
Responsive brakes The bike’s disc brakes are managed by a twin-pot calliper (front), single-pot calliper (rear) and Anti-lock Braking System – all combining to provide extremely effective high-speed stopping power.
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