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Your Honda tyres are a vital component of your car. In fact, tyres are such an important factor for the safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users that there is specific legislation on tyre condition. In addition to all the safety factors, your tyres also make a major contribution to the comfort of your Honda, as well as its fuel efficiency.

It’s important to have your Honda tyres regularly checked. At all Brayley Honda dealerships in Hertfordshire and North London, and at our Honda Approved Service Centre in Essex, we’re always happy to advise you on your Honda tyres. What’s more, we’ll match any like-for-like quote for replacement tyres within a 10 mile radius of our dealerships (T&Cs apply), and you know you’ll get advice you can trust from our specialist Honda technicians. So whether you need Jazz tyres, Civic tyres, CR-V tyres or any other Honda tyres, we can help.

Tyre maintenance – what’s so important?

Looking after your Honda tyres will help to ensure that you have the best possible grip on the road, whatever the weather conditions. And by looking after your tyres, you not only are safer, but you improve your fuel efficiency and make every journey in your Honda that bit more comfortable. Your Honda’s tyre life can be affected by your driving skill, the condition of the roads you use regularly and even the weather.


Tyres – the warning signs

Whenever you bring your Honda into one of our dealerships for servicing or maintenance, we’ll give your tyres a check to make sure there’s nothing amiss. However, there are also checks that you can carry out yourself.


Tyre pressure

Your Honda handbook gives you the recommended tyre pressures for your specific model or you can find the information on the sticker on your Honda’s door aperture. It only takes a few minutes to check your tyre pressures when you fill up with fuel and it’s especially important to do so before any long journeys, when heavily laden or towing. Keep safe, reduce fuel costs and reduce your CO2 emissions.


Tyre damage

Damaged tyres could let you down at any time, so take a moment to check all your Honda’s tyres for any signs of damage. You may notice something wrong with the sidewall of a tyre or maybe something embedded in the tyre. Whatever it is, we’re always happy to check it out for you and advise of any necessary action.


Tyre wear

It’s all too easy to hit a pothole or knock a kerb. The result? Your tyres could start to wear unevenly, because your wheel alignment needs adjusting. Our Honda-trained technicians know just what to look for and have all the tools and equipment recommended by Honda for your specific Honda model.


Tyre tread depths

Worn tyres will increase your stopping distance, especially if the road is wet. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm across the middle 75% of your tyre at any point. A new tyre starts with a tread depth of 8mm, so we recommend that for safety and performance you should replace a tyre when it reaches 3mm of tread depth. Remember, if you drive with a tyre under the legal minimum tread depth, you could receive a £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points per tyre, as well as jeopardising your safety. At Brayley Honda, we’ll always give you expert, professional advice on any aspect of your Honda tyres.


Honda Winter Tyres in Low Temperatures:

Honda Winter Tyres in Snow:


EU tyre labelling and legislation

Here’s your guide to the EU Tyre Labelling Regulations. The regulations provide for ratings for wet grip, fuel efficiency and external rolling noise.

Fuel efficiency

Tyres are given a rating between A and G. A-rated tyres have the lowest rolling resistance and are, therefore, the most fuel efficient and have the lowest CO2 emissions.


Wet grip and braking performance

Tyres are rated from A to G on their wet-grip performance and capacity to stop on slippery roads. A-rated tyres are the best, with stopping distances that can be up to 30% shorter.


Noise emission

Visible on the sidewall of a tyre, its exterior noise rating is measured in decibels and shown as one, two or three bars. Only tyres with one or two bars meet current laws in the EU.


Winter tyres

Winter tyres could make your journeys that much safer come winter. Brayley Honda will be happy to advise on the availability of winter tyres for you and your Honda.

Your Honda tyres help you stay safe on the roads – get them checked out...

For any advice on tyres for your Honda, or to book your car in for free tyre inspection, please call us or send us a Honda tyres enquiry

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