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HONDA MOT - £54.85

Honda MOT in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and Enfield

Your annual Honda MOT test is your crucial reassurance that your car is roadworthy and safe and that it conforms to environmental regulations. That’s why you want to be sure that it’s done right and, even more importantly, that it’s done by the people who really know all about your car, all about Honda. At our Brayley Honda dealerships, we can give you that peace of mind, not only about the high standard of your Honda MOT test, but also about the competitiveness of your Honda MOT cost. And you can book Honda MOT testing right now, right here.

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Why choose Brayley Honda for your Honda MOT?

Our MOT testers are all trained, tested and approved to carry out MOT tests by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. That means they’re all qualified mechanics with at least four years’ industry experience before they’re even allowed to become MOT testers. In addition, as a Honda main dealer, all our Brayley Honda MOT testers are Honda specialists, trained by Honda to service and maintain the entire Honda range. To save you time and effort and to take maximum advantage of our technicians’ skills and our main-dealer facilities, many of our customers find it easiest to book their Honda’s service and MOT test at the same time. Remember, we have dealerships across Hertfordshire and north London in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and Enfield, so we’re easy to find and easy to get to.

What exactly is an MOT test?

First introduced in 1960, the MOT test has grown in the range of items checked and the rigorousness of those tests. The most recent change to the MOT test came in on 20th May 2018. Your car must have a current MOT test certificate, if it is over three years old, or you can be fined up to £1,000.

The MOT test does not cover the engine, gearbox or clutch of your vehicle and, even with a current MOT test certificate, you are responsible for ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive, every time you head out on the road. What an MOT test does cover is a huge range of components and functions to ensure that your car is roadworthy at the time of the test, including: 

  • Body, vehicle structure and general items
  • Any tow bar fitted to your car
  • Fuel system, exhaust system and emissions
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Security and operation of doors, bonnet and boot lid or tailgate
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Windscreen condition
  • Horn
  • Steering, suspension, tyres and wheels
  • Battery and visible electrical wiring
  • Registration plates and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

MOT Retest

If you currently entrust Brayleys with looking after your Honda on a regular basis, we’ll have done everything we can to ensure your car is always in excellent condition, so there shouldn’t be any problems arise at your MOT test. However, if we do find an issue, this could be classed as a minor, major or dangerous defect. A minor defect doesn’t result in a fail, but major and dangerous defects will. You may also be given an advisory notice. We would strongly advise that any minor defects and issues about which we give you an advisory notice are still dealt with as soon as possible to avoid any problems. If your car has a major or dangerous defect, it will fail its MOT, then it will be necessary to get the required work carried out and have an MOT retest. We will advise you whether a full retest or a partial retest is required. Remember, Brayleys will never carry out any work to your car without your prior authorisation, but we will let you have a full estimate, so you can see in advance what any repair work will cost.

With our experience of all things Honda and our thorough knowledge of the MOT testing procedures, you may be surprised to learn that a Honda MOT costs only £54.85 at any of our Brayley Honda dealerships. If you have any questions about your Honda MOT or you would like to book your MOT with us, we’re always delighted to help.



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