How Often Should I Service my Honda?



At Brayley Honda, our customers often ask us: How often should I service my Honda?

The answer is if your car is under three years old you should generally service your Honda every 12 months or 12,500 miles - whichever comes first. And for a Honda over three years old, servicing intervals mentioned in the manufacturers manual may vary but you should have it serviced at least every 12 months, regardless of mileage.

For any questions or information about servicing your Honda, our friendly, Honda-trained servicing teams at Brayleys would be delighted to help you. Book a service to make an appointment online or to find out when your next service is due.

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My car is under three years old. Do I need to service my Honda?

Your Honda is a complex and highly technical piece of machinery. Look after it properly and it will give you years of trouble-free motoring. That’s why, from the start, you need to have regular services for your new Honda. This will keep it in the best condition.

SEE DETAILS OF YOUR FIRST HONDA SERVICE (12,500 miles or 12 months)

We recommend a first service after the first 12,500 miles or 12 months. We’ll carry out a range of tests and adjustments. These include:

  • Replacing the engine oil and filter
  • Inspecting the front and rear brakes
  • Checking and adjusting the parking brake
  • Checking the lights and their alignment
  • Checking all fluid levels
  • Carrying out visual check of: tie-rods, steering and driveshaft boots, suspension components, brake hose and lines (including ABS), exhaust system, fuel lines and vehicle corrosion
  • Checking tyre condition – pressure and wear
  • Checking expiration date for the tyre repair kit
  • A test drive to check noise, stability and dashboard operation
  • Checking the battery
  • Checking the wipers

SEE DETAILS OF YOUR SECOND HONDA SERVICE (25,000 miles or 24 months)

Your Honda’s second service is due after you’ve completed 25,000 miles or after 24 months. In addition to carrying out all the work of the first service, we’ll also:

  • Replace the dust and pollen filter
  • Inspect the drive belt
  • Replace the transmission fluid on CVT models

SEE DETAILS OF YOUR THIRD HONDA SERVICE (36,000 miles or 36 months)

This is due after your Honda has covered 36,000 miles or is 36 months old. Your Honda’s third service will again include everything we do in its first service. Then we also add:

  • Replacing the brake fluid
  • Replacing the air filter element
  • Replacing the fuel filter on diesel models

As you can see, servicing your Honda is a detailed procedure best carried out by our skilled Honda technicians at your local Brayley Honda. Book a Honda service now at our service centres in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Enfield or Grays.

What about servicing my older Honda?

Just as important is keeping a Honda over three years old up to date with its servicing. This will help maintain its value, if you sell it on or you want to part-exchange your Honda.

We offer two types of servicing price packages for Hondas over three years old: the Honda 12 service and the Honda 12+ service.

The Honda 12 service package comprises 35 operations. These include:

  • Noting any body damage, underbody corrosion and additional work required
  • Fitting a car protection kit
  • Checking the lights, horn, wipers and windscreen washers
  • Replacing the engine oil, engine oil filter and sump washer
  • Inspecting the brake pipes, brake pads, brake discsand fuel lines
  • Inspecting the exhaust system
  • Inspecting the cooling system for leaks
  • Inspecting the auxiliary drive belts
  • Checking all fluid levels
  • Checking the battery condition
  • Inspecting the tyres and setting tyre pressures
  • Checking the front and rear suspension, wheel bearings, driveshaft, track rod ends and ball joints
  • Checking and adjusting the handbrake
  • Road testing the brakes, steering, suspension, engine, transmission and heating system
  • Carrying out a complete safety health check

In addition to the above operations, the Honda 12+ service package includes:

  • Replacing the air filter
  • Replacing the pollen filter
  • Replacing the brake fluid

If you’re not sure which service package is right for you and your older Honda, just get in touch. Our friendly service team at your local Brayleys would be delighted to talk through your Honda servicing options with you.


Only a Honda main dealer can give your car the highest levels of care, and to maintain the validity of the manufacturers warranty. And having your Honda serviced regularly is the only way to ensure performance and reliability stay at the same level as the first day you drove it. Honda cars are designed to give long lasting performance and economy if they are correctly maintained – such as periodically replacing worn parts such as filters, belts and bearings as well as oil changes. And we only use genuine Honda spare parts in servicing and Honda approved brands for tyres, batteries and replacement windscreen wiper blades to maintain the high quality of your car.

Honda dealer service stamps in your car log book are a guaranteed proof of expert maintenance and in addition to keeping your car in optimum condition, will increase the resale value of your Honda.

Take a look at Honda's top tips for maintaining your car


Here at Brayleys we’re only satisfied when you are, and so keeping your Honda in the best possible condition is a priority for us. At Brayley Honda, all our technicians have been trained by Honda and we operate to the highest main-dealer standards. This means total peace of mind that your car will always be in tip-top condition and ensure all the quality, safety and reliability advantages that expect from your Honda.

Here are just some advantages to having your Honda serviced at Brayley Honda:

  • Our 12-month guarantee on all servicing work
  • Our promise to use only genuine Honda parts
  • The experience and professionalism of our Honda-trained technicians
  • Our price match on any like-for-like quote you obtain within a 10-mile radius of a Brayley Honda dealership
  • Our free Safety Check during every service
  • Complimentary wash and vac with every Brayleys service
  • Our comfortable customer lounge with free Wi-Fi, if you choose to wait while we service your Honda
  • Our clear pricing, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying in advance
  • Courtesy car service and local collection and delivery – T&Cs apply
  • And of course, our renowned Brayleys customer service


To maintain your Honda warranty, and to keep your servicing always up to date, you might like to consider one of our Brayley Honda service plans. Our easy and practical plans allow you to pay a fixed amount in advance or monthly for your servicing, keeping your Honda well maintained while minimising the cost.

Depending on the current age and mileage, our service plans allow you to make a single advanced payment covering all of your car’s servicing for up to five years. Alternatively, a tailored service plan over one to four years can spread the cost with an affordable monthly direct debit. You’ll also receive added benefits such as free roadside assistance, health checks, courtesy car and accessory discounts.

Our service teams at Brayley Honda Hemel Hempstead, St Albans and Enfield are on hand to explain the different service plan options and help you choose the one that’s right for you. Simply send us a Honda Servicing enquiry.


As a Honda main dealer, we always stamp your service book after carrying out maintenance. This shows when your next service is due and can help maintain the value of your Honda, should you ever decide to trade in. We keep records of all your car’s servicing too, and so if you’d like to know when your next service is due, simply send us an enquiry and we’ll let you know.

Once your car is over three years old, it makes good sense to combine your annual service with the MOT test – that way you only have to book your car in once and you can get everything done on the same day. We also offer a free annual health check, where we’ll check the vital components of your Honda and inform you if anything requires attention.

An Air Conditioning Service will also ensure you're kept cool in the summer, and with regular Honda Maintenance for parts like wiper blades, air filters, batteries and more, you can keep your Honda happy and working at its best for longer. We sell brand-recommended Honda Tyres and Genuine Honda Parts for optimal performance and safety.

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