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We understand. Every time you look at your beautiful Honda, your eye is drawn straight to that tiny bit of damage. And we have the answer: our Honda dent and scratch repair service. An integral feature of the services offered by our Honda bodyshop, our Honda dent and scratch repair service will make those minor, unsightly scuffs, dents and scratches disappear, quickly and cost-effectively. To see if your Honda can benefit from this service, just send us an enquiry, or book your car in today and banish those blemishes.

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Little knocks in the car park can cause dents that just aren’t worth going to your insurer about, whilst a child’s carelessness or some irritating act of vandalism can scratch your stunning paint finish, an issue that could ultimately lead to corrosion attacking your car, if left untreated. Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques, often referred to as SMART repairs, can deal with such issues. For example, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) techniques can soon make even quite big dents vanish, without using any filler. What’s more, because such techniques don’t involve removing significant amounts of your car’s exterior trim and respraying the whole panel, and sometimes even multiple panels to get a good blended paint match, as would be done in a conventional repair, your Honda will spend the minimum amount of time in our Honda bodyshop. That means it will be much cheaper, as well as being a lot more convenient for you.

There’s more to our Honda dent and scratch repair service…

Not only can our technicians repair minor paint scratches and small dents in panels with these fast, cutting-edge techniques, but our Honda dent and scratch repair service offers a lot more besides. Most Honda models make extensive use of plastic trim and mouldings to achieve some of their appealing style, but these can be scratched and split. Plastic bumpers can also be dented, scuffed and cracked. Much of this damage to plastic components can be repaired by our specialist Honda dent and scratch repair team. What’s more, being a Honda bodyshop, our technicians are all Honda-trained, so you can have complete peace of mind that we really know your Honda inside and out. And talking of inside, we can also deal with scuffs and minor damage to your Honda’s internal plastic trim and to seats. Whilst, on the outside, we can deal with most cosmetic damage to alloy wheels.

Our Honda dent and scratch repair service all adds up to a package of skills and techniques that can keep your Honda looking like new and help maintain its resale value too. Just get in touch to find out what our Honda bodyshop can do for your car.

Our Honda dent and scratch repair service: SMART magic

To find out more about our Honda dent and scratch repair service, or to book your Honda in, please call us or send us a Honda bodyshop enquiry

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