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The Honda e From £37,395
Honda-e Advance



The Honda e is a revolutionary electric vehicle that sets new standards in technology and design. Available for test drives at your local Brayleys Honda dealership, this award-winning option is the perfect demonstration of Honda's engineering prowess and vision for the future.

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^UKCOTY's ' City Car of the Year' 2021. SGMW's 'Car of the Year' 2021. Women's World Car of the Year 'Best EV' 2021. AutoCar's 'Best Car Tech' 2020. TopGear.com's 'City Car of the Year' 2020. WhichEV's 'EV Innovation Award' 2020. Motor Awards 'Best Small Car' 2020. Driving Electric's 'Best Car Tech' 2020. Red Dot Design Award Winner 2020. 

Honda’s first all-electric urban car

The Honda e is a dream made real with its unique combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and futuristic technology. 

Unique styling and dynamic performance

The Honda e captivates with its distinctive design, blending modern-retro aesthetics with functional minimalism. Under the hood, it houses a 154PS electric motor that delivers 315Nm of torque, enabling it to accelerate from 0-60mph in just 8.3 seconds.

Balanced and agile handling

​Engineered with a low centre of gravity and a 50:50 weight distribution, the Honda e offers a sporty and responsive driving experience. Its compact dimensions and short overhangs also make it exceptionally agile, particularly in tight spaces.

Great manoeuvrability in confined spaces

To help deliver a sporty character, power is delivered through the rear wheels, which also enables greater steering articulation for the front wheels. As a result, the turning radius is approximately 4.3 metres, ensuring the Honda e is exceptionally manoeuvrable in narrow streets.

Charge intelligently

The Honda e introduces an intelligent charging subscription service, e:PROGRESS, designed to provide low-cost, eco-friendly electricity. This service is a boon for environmentally conscious drivers looking to save on energy costs.

Exterior design

The exterior features flush-fitting door handles and a sleek black gloss roof, while the interior exudes a lounge-like atmosphere with high-quality recycled polyester fabric seats. You can further personalise your Honda e with genuine Honda accessories, including special alloys and interior packs.

Side Camera Mirror System

The Side Camera Mirror System replaces conventional door mirrors with compact cameras, providing live images to 2 6-inch screens inside the vehicle at either end of the dashboard.

Pop-out door handles

Stand-out style elements, which accentuate the clean, uncluttered profile of the Honda e, include ‘pop-out’ door handles. The handles are flush to the bodywork, extending out when access is required.

A choice of wheel sizes

The Honda e Advance offers the choice between 16” and 17” wheels.

Honda e accessories

The Honda e can be personalised with Honda Genuine Accessories. Options include Exterior or Interior packs, special alloys and individual items to highlight the car’s features.

Interior design

The interior is inspired by Japanese architecture and offers a spacious, uncluttered environment. The flat floor design maximises functional space, comfortably accommodating up to four adults and offering a boot capacity of 171 litres.

Thanks to the cutting-edge drive-train engineering and layout the floor of the car is flat. This allows for a spacious and functional cabin for seating and storage. There are four seats, five doors and plenty of lounge inspired ambience.​

Light and space

​The Honda e is a compact electric urban car designed to be spacious inside. There is room — and legroom — for up to 4 adults. The rear seats fold down to create even more space when you need it.

Looks small, acts big

​No central console adds extra space to the walk-through, flat floor front and rear. Rear seat passengers enjoy excellent comfort and legroom.

Exceptional comfort and materials

The Honda e's seats are covered in hard wearing yet soft to touch fabric. They are as supportive and comfortable as you’d wish to find in your home.

Room for more

​With a 171 L boot, you’ve got space. Add to it by folding the back seat down to make more room for luggage and other large items. The Honda e was designed to be flexible inside.

A bigger picture

The Side Camera Mirror System includes screens at each end of the dash to ensure a natural feel and vision. The Centre Camera Mirror System* displays the image from a rear-view camera.*

*Available on the Honda e Advance

Stay connected wherever you go

Infotainment displays take up 2 12.3- inch LCD touchscreens on the full-width digital dashboard. Swap content, playlists and navigation with your passenger across the screens with smartphone-style with swipe controls


The Honda e is available to order today at Brayley Honda. You could be one of the first to see it at one of our dealerships. You could also be one of the first on the road in this unique, energy-efficient electric car. Contact your local Brayley Honda dealership to book your Honda e appointment and test drive.


Honda electric cars are designed for modern living. The Honda e is a small electric car and a big step towards Honda’s goal of 100% environmentally responsible transport. There are two model specifications available – Honda e and Honda e Advance.


The Honda e Advance prices start from £37,395


✓ 100% Electric Power ✓ Highly Advanced EV
✓ 136 Mile Range ✓ Powerful 35Kw Battery - 134PS
✓ Modern-Retro Design ✓ Side Camera Mirror System
✓ Single Pedal Control ✓ Heated Front Seats
✓ Honda Auto Parking Pilot ✓ Full Width Dual Screen


The Side Camera Mirror System replaces traditional door mirrors, feeding live images to two six-inch screens on the dashboard. Moreover, the infotainment system features dual 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens, providing a seamless user interface with smartphone-style swipe controls.

Voice-operated systems and Smartphone connectivity bring the humble trip computer and radio into the future. The steering wheel allows shortcut functionality, while the central console houses the Drive, Reverse and Park select buttons. The Honda e electric car features Honda’s most up to date technology and innovation, impressively packaged with beauty and simplicity.


The Honda e range is up to 136 miles thanks to its powerful battery and motor, producing 134PS. That’s four times longer than an average European commute. What’s more, this ultra-cool electric car can achieve an 80% charge in 30 minutes, with the upgraded Honda e Advance model.


Rear-wheel drive, 50:50 weight distribution and the high-torque electric motor ensure power-packed fun on the road. With no gear changes, simply press the single pedal and you'll feel an instant response with agile handling. Choose Normal drive mode around town where you’ll also feel the benefit of an ultra-compact turning circle. Engage Sport drive mode for increased responsiveness and suspension stability.


There’s no looking back on outdated thinking with this ultra-advanced car. Instead of wing mirrors, small cameras show the surrounding environment around and behind the car. Images are shown in real-time on two 6” screens on each side of the dashboard.

• Ultra stylish and futuristic design

• Reduces blind spots by up to 50%

• 90% less aerodynamic drag

• Lower wind noise

The camera housing features integrated indicators. Guidelines appear to assist parking and manoeuvring when reversing. A water repellent coating also reduces rain droplets to a minimum. The system gives improved low-light and night-time visibility in all weather conditions with automatic screen brightness.


For more tech and more power, choose the Honda e Advance. With 154PS of pure electric power the e Advance will take you from zero to 62mph in just 8.3 seconds. There’s more comfort, thanks to the heated front seats and heated steering wheel, a real bonus in those colder winter months. And there are more systems to make driving easier too. The Honda Parking Pilot helps you park in your perfect spot, while the centre camera mirror system displays with perfect clarity what’s behind you, just like those super-cool side cameras. There’s also an upgraded sound system. All this and more comes with the Honda e Advance from only £37,395.

Honda e Advance From £37,395

Honda e features plus:
230 Volt Outlet
Centre Camera Mirror System
Heated Steering Wheel
Honda Parking Pilot