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How Many Elephants Can You Fit in a Honda CR-V?

Proving that size does matter is the commodious, fast and frugal Honda CR-V

How many elephants can you fit in a Honda CR-V? We answer this and other thoroughly pressing questions in a bid to demonstrate just how excellent the Honda CR-V really is. The CR-V is all about numbers, both big and small…

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How Many Elephants Can You Fit in a Honda CR-V?

One, as it happens. Not a full-sized adult one, obviously, but a little baby one. Or you could fit 28 clowns into its huge, 1,669-litre boot, if you put the seats down. And if you really wanted to, that is.

What could you carry with the rear seats up though?

With 589-litres of space with the rear seats up, the answer is still plenty. If you want some more specific objects, we have some gems for you. How about 100 bowling balls? Or 1,000 cups of coffee. Or ten beer kegs. Or one wildlife presenter. That is, a Steve Backshall, who did actually jump in the boot of a CR-V back in 2015.

How much faster is the CR-V than Usain Bolt?

Measured over 100m, the CR-V is very nearly twice as fast as the fastest man on earth. It can do the 100m sprint in 4.83 seconds, which is 4.75 seconds faster than Bolt. It also has a top speed 30mph higher than the average Category Two hurricane, at 125mph. It’s quite a lot less scary, however.

Which Eastern European capital city can you get to in a CR-V on one tank of fuel?

Well, if you started in Dover, you could get to Prague, which is 731 miles away. That’s because, with a 58-litre tank and up to 57.7mpg achievable in mixed driving conditions, you can do 738 miles before a CR-V’s tank will run dry. The CR-V is 13% less polluting than its already clean predecessor too.

How many Honda ASIMO robots can a CR-V tow?

With a maximum tow capacity of 2,000kg, you could take 37 cute little Honda ASIMOs along for a ride behind you. Or a small boat. Or a horsebox and a horse.

Honda CR-V: faster than a man and more gentle than a hurricane

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