All-New electric Honda HR-V 2021

2021 New Honda HR-V Hybrid


The third generation of the Honda HR-V has now been officially unveiled! The new, hybrid model will arrive at our Brayley Honda dealerships later in 2021. To keep up to date the latest news on this exciting, all-new model has to offer, register your interest today.

The latest generation 2021 all-new Honda HR-V e:HEV features a dramatic new, seamless design, while retaining the same compact, sporty, coupe-inspired silhouette that the range is known for. It also offers class-leading interior space, with enough room for four adults to sit in maximum comfort.

Powered by cutting-edge e:HEV hybrid technology, the 2021 model sees the HR-V electrified for the first time. The hybrid model pairs an electric motor with a highly efficient petrol engine to minimise emissions, while maximising performance.

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2021 New Honda HR-V highlights:

• First-ever hybrid-only HR-V
• Uses Honda’s dedicated e:HEV hybrid drivetrain
• Flexible, spacious new cabin
• Stylish, new exterior design

All-New Honda HR-V Design Concept

Find out more about the design concept of the All-New HR-V.

New, focused exterior design

Featuring a new, more modern take on the stylish coupé-inspired SUV body, the new 2021 Honda HR-V boasts a new, simple exterior design. Creating a sense of energetic spirit and dynamism, the profile of the new HR-V incorporates forward-orientated character lines into the smooth body shape. To the front, the headlights and grille appear to blend into the front quarter panels, for a clean, seamless look.

As you look along the side of the HR-V, a crisp shoulder line running from the headlights at the front to the tail lights at the rear focuses your eye. The roof line follows with a smoother flow as it tapers to the rear to create the classic coupé silhouette.

At the rear of the new HR-V, the tailgate incorporates part of the tail light design that stretches across the entire width of the vehicle. The result is the illusion of a single, uninterrupted, sculpted light cluster, adding a sense of drama to the rear of the vehicle.

All-New Honda HR-V eHEV Hybrid 2021 rear

Spacious, new interior design

The Honda HR-V retains its centre fuel tank layout, meaning the interior remains as spacious and flexible as the previous model. By having the fuel tank positioned towards the middle of the chassis rather than under the rear seats, the HR-V’s interior offers a greater sense of spaciousness and airiness. The rear seats now recline even further than the previous model, while greater leg and shoulder room add to the overall sense of comfort.

The air vents have been placed in the top corners of the dashboard, so rather than air being blown directly at passengers, there is a feeling of a more natural stream of air throughout the cabin.

Careful consideration has been made over the interior of the new HR-V with a new simple, uncluttered layout of the controls. All audio and ventilation controls are positioned as close as possible to the driver, with easy to recognise dials for safe and intuitive operation.


Find out more about the All-New HR-V interior.

Hybrid power as standard

Following the Honda CR-V Hybrid and the Honda Jazz Hybrid, the new HR-V is the latest model to wear the Honda e:HEV badge. Standing for ‘hybrid electric vehicle’, this emblem is a symbol of the model’s new hybrid powertrain. It offers the torque and reduced emissions of an electric vehicle with the range and convenience of a traditional petrol engine. This combination means the new HR-V is more efficient without sacrificing the performance that gives this compact SUV a sporty, agile feel.

Seamless, clean coupe-inspired design. Class leading space and significantly improved comfort levels. A new integrated grille and elongated bonnet make a bold statement.
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Honda’s advanced e:HEV hybrid powertrain as standard for exceptional hybrid efficiency and reduced emissions, with the convenience of a traditional, petrol engine.

New Honda HR-V Hybrid 

The new Honda HR-V Hybrid is coming to Brayley Honda in late 2021. If you have any questions in the meantime, please send us an enquiry below

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