new Honda e electric car awards 2021

Honda e – the award-winning, pure electric Honda

The best electric car from Honda

We love the Honda e at Brayleys. It always makes us smile. That style, so unique amongst the electric cars for sale at Brayleys, is something very special. It was special enough to win a Red Dot award in 2020, their highest honour: Best of the Best 2020, as well as picking up another Red Dot award in the Smart Product category.

But it’s not only its brilliant design that has led to the Honda e taking so many awards. This all-electric city car has won over nine awards in total. These have included:

new Honda e electric car awards

So many experts, so many motoring journalists have chosen the Honda e and made it top of the charts. Would you like to know more? Please get in touch with your local Brayley Honda.

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