Dash Cam Offers

Dash Cams professionally fitted from just £199

Front-facing Dash Cams automatically and continuously record and store video in the direction of travel, while rear-mounted models capture footage from behind.

But why should you get one fitted to your car?

Dash Cams are an increasingly popular safety addition to vehicles, and provide a number of significant security advantages on the road today, particularly in the event of an accident. Benefit from our Brayleys Dash Cam Offer with professional installation and no wires, from £199. Contact your local Brayleys dealership for details.

Protect your No Claims Bonus

On the road, you never know when an accident might happen, and after a bump, scratch or shunt, dealing with your insurance claim can be a long and frustrating process – especially in the case of disputed responsibility. Dash Cams provide clear video evidence of incidents that could save your no claims bonus and speed up the claims procedure.

In some cases, having a Dash Cam may even entitle you to a discount on your insurance annual premium.

On the Road

When someone else drives your car, it can be a concern. If your vehicle is equipped with a Dash Cam, you’ll be reassured, and be able to check the journey your car has taken. Everyone has had funny or unusual things happen on the road, taken a trip on holiday, or a had a special occasion when you wish you’d been able to capture the moment. Now you can, and you’ll easily be able to share the moment on playback mode.

Supplied, fitted and easy to use

Whether it’s a Honda Dash Cam, a Kia Dash Cam or a Mazda Dash Cam, our trained technicians will supply, professionally install and activate your camera with no wires or fuss.

Dash Cams are easy to use, working automatically whenever you begin a journey, and stopping at the end. Our team will give you full instructions to get you going and any after sales support you require.

Don’t wait to have an accident before getting yourself equipped with a Dash Cam - take advantage of the Brayleys Dash Cam Offer today.

Better safe than sorry. Get your Dash Cam Fitted today.

To find out more about the Brayleys Dash Cam Offer, please send us a Dash Cam Offer enquiry