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Servicing and maintaining your Dacia at Brayley Dacia

Keep your Dacia happy, healthy and on the road with servicing at Brayley Dacia. Find out more about what it is that your Dacia needs and when.

We offer a range of servicing options for your Dacia at Brayley Dacia. Routine servicing will protect your Dacia and ensure you have many years of enjoyable motoring. And by having your Dacia serviced at your local Dacia dealership, you can be sure that we’ll only use genuine Dacia parts, all our technicians have been trained by Dacia and you’ll get the official Dacia service stamp in your service book to help enhance your Dacia’s future value. We also offer a Dacia Service Plan to help you spread the cost of your servicing. Take a look at some of our advice below and carry on enjoying your Dacia.


Timing belt

The timing belt, or cambelt as it’s often known, is a vital component of your Dacia. Responsible for the smooth running of your engine, it’s also placed under a lot of stress, so it’s important that it’s replaced at regular intervals. A worn timing belt can fail without any warning, and when it does it can cause catastrophic and expensive damage to your engine, not to mention the inconvenience of having a roadside breakdown.

At Brayley Dacia, we’ll always be pleased to answer any questions about your Dacia’s maintenance and when the cambelt should be replaced on your specific model. In general, you should replace the cambelt on any Dacia more than five years old and with a mileage of under 37,000.


Wiper blades

Effective wipers on your Dacia are essential for clear vision, whenever you drive. Damaged wiper blades can miss all-important areas of the windscreen and leave streaks, seriously impeding your vision and your safety. They can also become noisy and start to judder, or even cause damage to your screen, affecting visibility permanently.

It’s worth gently cleaning your wiper blades regularly with a cloth and some washer fluid to help keep them in good condition. And you’re always welcome to drop by our Brayley Dacia dealership where we’ll be happy to check your wiper blades and advise on their condition. Remember, wipers are part of the MOT test, so make sure they don’t need attention prior to booking your Dacia MOT with us.


Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers contribute to the ride comfort of your Dacia and are a significant safety component. Worn shock absorbers can increase tyre wear, increase the risk of aquaplaning and increase braking distances. Whilst shock absorbers are checked during your annual Dacia MOT test, they can easily be damaged by road obstructions, such as potholes, so it’s well worthwhile having regular checks carried out on your shock absorbers at your local Brayley Dacia dealership.


Oil change

Oil protects your Dacia’s engine from wear and corrosion, as well as maintaining optimum operating performance and efficiency. However, oil gets dirty and wears out over time, losing its lubricating qualities. Consequently, it’s important to regularly check your engine’s oil and to change the oil and the oil filter at the recommended intervals in your Dacia service book. You should also regularly check your oil levels, especially before any long journey. An oil change is part of your regular service at Brayley Dacia, but we’ll also check your oil at any time, just drop in and we’ll advise you on any aspect of your Dacia servicing.


Exhaust system

Your Dacia’s exhaust system has been carefully engineered to give you many years’ service. However it’s an aspect of your car worth keeping an eye on to ensure that you minimise your fuel consumption and your CO2 emissions. If you notice an increase in fuel consumption, a reduction in power and performance, black smoke from the exhaust, or you hear unusual noises, it could be a sign that your Dacia exhaust system is in need of attention. Just pop in to Brayley Dacia and we’ll be happy to take a look.



Efficient, effective brakes are vital for your safety and that of other road users. Look out for signs that your brakes aren’t working as they should, including:

  • Increased braking distance
  • Vibration when braking
  • Car goes to one side when braking
  • Excessive travel on the brake pedal

Your Dacia’s brakes need checking every 12,000 miles or every two years (whichever comes first); the brake pads must be cleaned every 3,000 miles and the brake fluid needs to be changed every 75,000 miles or every four years. We’ll take care of all this for you automatically at your regular Dacia service with Brayley Dacia, but if you have any concerns about your car’s brakes, please come in and ask us, we’re always happy to check your brakes and put your mind at rest.



The battery is at the heart of your Dacia, powering the car’s ignition, wipers, heater, lights and all other electronic system on your Dacia. 85% of breakdowns are caused by a defective battery, so it’s a good idea to watch out for the signs that something might be going wrong, such as your ignition being slower than usual or a reduction in the efficiency of any of your Dacia’s electrical components.You should always pay attention to the battery warning light on your dashboard as this is the most obvious sign that your Dacia’s battery needs to be checked.

When have your Dacia serviced at Brayleys we will check the battery every two years or 12,000 miles. We also recommend that you replace the battery every four years or 37,000 miles. At Brayley Dacia we will check your spark plugs every 12,000 miles and we suggest having your ignition system checked just before the winter and the summer.

Keep your Dacia performing at its best with regular servicing

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