Dacia Dent and Scratch Repair

Minor repairs at your local Brayley Dacia bodyshop

Our Dacia bodyshop isn’t just for those big accidents, we also offer a full Dacia dent and scratch repair service. That means you can keep your Dacia looking great throughout its life without having to go through your insurer and in a really cost-effective way. What’s more, by using our Dacia dent and scratch repair service and dealing with these minor bodywork issues immediately, you’ll be maintaining the resale value of your Dacia too. Book your repair online today.

All too often it seems easier to try and ignore that small scratch or that dent you picked up in the car park. But apart from being unsightly and spoiling your enjoyment of your Dacia, a scratch could have penetrated the protective layers of your car’s paintwork, leading to water and chemicals attacking the panel itself and causing corrosion.

Our Dacia dent and scratch repair team employ a variety of skills and equipment to allow them to fix minor damage of this type without resorting to major trim removal and the respraying of multiple panels. That means less time is required for a repair, so your car is in and out of our Dacia bodyshop more quickly. As well as being all much more convenient for you and a lot cheaper, your Dacia will be taken care of by our specialist Dacia repair technicians who know everything about your specific Dacia model.


What does our Dacia dent and scratch repair service cover?

Often referred to as SMART, meaning Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques, our Dacia dent and scratch repair service can take care of all those small paint scratches and little knocks and dents your Dacia can suffer in its everyday life. Many small dents can be fixed without the need for filling and refinishing by a process known as Paintless Dent Removal or PDR.

We can also fix minor damage to plastic trim, small cracks in bumpers, scuffs on internal trim and minor damage to seats, like cigarette burns, as well as cosmetic repairs to alloy wheels. If you’re not sure whether your Dacia has damage that we can sort out with these techniques, just give us a call or drop into our Brayley Dacia bodyshop, and we would be delighted to take a look and let you know what we can do and how much it will cost.

Brayley Dacia bodyshop for quick and cost-effective minor damage repair

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