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Dacia 5 Year Extended Warranty

Even more peace of mind with your new Dacia

For just £395, a Dacia 5 Year Extended Warranty† gives you five years or 60,000 miles continued protection against mechanical or electrical failure, extending the standard Dacia three year warranty.

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Don’t worry, we won’t pressurise you into buying an Extended Warranty if you don’t want one, but it’s available if you do.

Dacia 5 Year Extended Warranty:

  • Warranty for 5 years or 60,000 miles from first registration*
  • Extends standard warranty by two years
  • Added peace of mind for just £395
  • Balance transferable to new owner, should you sell your Dacia
  • Also available as Dacia 7 year Extended Warranty

Dacia Extended Warranty: even more peace of mind

To learn more about the benefits of a Dacia Extended Warranty, please speak to your Sales Advisor or send us a Dacia Extended Warranty enquiry.
* From first date of registration. Warranty expires on the first of the two limits reached.
† Excludes vehicles used as taxis.