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Keep your Dacia durable and reliable, with parts that are familiarly affordable

When you replace any part of your Dacia, you should make sure you replace it with an original Dacia part. That’s because genuine Dacia parts are the only ones that have been manufactured to the same high standards as the cars they’re designed for. Using Dacia parts ensures your car remains unchanged, which means it will perform as reliably, comfortably and efficiently as it always has. And that’s definitely a good thing.

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Dacia recommends you have any repair and service work done on your car by an approved Dacia dealer like Brayleys. All our repairs are guaranteed for one year, and that warranty is extended to 12 years for bodywork repairs. By coming to Brayleys, you will also get the advice and expertise of our specialist Dacia team, who will offer you the best solution for your vehicle, whether that’s what parts to order, how long it will take to fit them or how much it would cost to have the work done by us. And by taking your Dacia to Brayleys for Dacia servicing work, you benefit not only from our Dacia expertise but also our great prices.

Benefits of buying Dacia parts:

  • Dacia quality standards maintained
  • Large stock levels at all times
  • Expert fitting service by Dacia professionals
  • Affordable prices
  • Maintains your Dacia’s warranty

Original Dacia parts: the best solution for your Dacia

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