All-New Dacia Logan

Logan – redesigned with more style, equipment and versatility

The All-New Dacia Logan is the completely new, reinvented and redesigned family car. With more space, equipment and versatility, the Logan now also features a more dynamic contemporary design in addition to renowned Dacia simplicity and reliability.

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Reinvented Dacia Logan style

The completely redesigned All-New Dacia Logan is easily recognisable thanks to its dynamic styling. The flush-fitting wheels and new door handle design further enhance the Logan’s strong identity. Take a look at how the flowing roofline, the radio antenna placed at the end of the roof and a reduction of the side glass surface area create a slightly elongated silhouette.

New Y-shaped light signature

The more dynamic style of the All-new Logan has been further enhanced with Dacia’s brand-new Y-shaped lights. The new optic design extends the lighting lines of both front and rear lights for a distinctive, broadened appearance.

Find out more about the latest All-New Dacia Logan specifications by registering your interest at Brayley Dacia in Milton Keynes today.

All-New Dacia Logan – new levels of family comfort and style

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