Dacia Bodyshop In Milton Keynes

Choose professional Dacia accident repair

Making sure your Dacia is properly and professionally repaired after being involved in an accident is what we do at the Brayley Dacia accident repair centre. And, of course, when you bring your accident damaged Dacia to us, you’ll find that our Dacia bodyshop staff will be as welcoming and helpful as you have come to expect from Brayleys. For Dacia accident repair, please send us an enquiry or give us a call to book your car in.


Professional Dacia repairs by your local Dacia specialist

Brayley Dacia can take care of all your Dacia accident damage repairs for all our customers in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. We have the facilities and the expertise to deal with all sizes of Dacia repair work from a paint scratch to a dent, and from a bump in town to a motorway crash. Straightening twisted metal, fitting new parts, applying an outstanding, as-new paint finish and returning your Dacia to you, as if the accident had never been, is what we do.

We handle everything and go out of our way to make it all as easy as possible for you. What’s more, as a recognised Dacia dealership, we will only ever fit original Dacia parts, and all repairs in our bodyshop are carried out by Dacia-trained technicians to Dacia repair methods, using only the right tools and equipment expected by Dacia.

Don’t let your Dacia be turned into something else

You may find that your insurer will try not to respect your wishes about how your Dacia is to be repaired. It’s bad enough being in an accident, but your insurer may try to save money by insisting that you have your Dacia repaired by some repairer in their authorised network. These repairers will repair any old make of car, so they rarely have any of the specialist knowledge you get at Brayley Dacia.

However, maybe the worst thing about using a repairer nominated by your insurer is that very few will use genuine Dacia parts and panels. That usually means they won’t be manufactured to the same high standards and they may not have the same fit, durability, or resistance to corrosion, and they certainly won’t keep your Dacia all Dacia. But don’t worry. You have the right to have your Dacia repaired wherever you decide, so you can insist on bringing your Dacia to Brayleys and our specialist Dacia repair technicians. Just give us a call to find out more about having your Dacia repaired at Brayleys.

Brayley Dacia: the specialist Dacia repairers

To find out more about Dacia accident damage repair or to book your car into our bodyshop, please call us or send us a Dacia bodyshop enquiry

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