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Dacia LPG / Petrol Powertrains

Top 5 things you should know about Dacia Bi-Fuel

Everything you need to know about Dacia’s new LPG dual-fuel system

What is Dacia Bi-Fuel?

A Bi-Fuel system simply means that the car is able to run on two different types of fuel. In the case of Dacia Bi-Fuel models, Petrol and LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). Dacia is the first manufacturer to offer such a Bi-Fuel option which is now available on Duster, Sandero and Logan MCV models. You can expect enhanced fuel efficiency, lower emissions and improved performance. But how does it all work?

We’ve put together a handy guide featuring the ‘Top 5 things you should know about Dacia Bi-Fuel’:

1. Budget-friendly

Did you know you could save over £400 in fuel costs driving a Dacia Bi-Fuel model in LPG mode? Having enhanced fuel efficiency and being up to 40% cheaper at the pump, LPG is a great way to save money on every journey. That’s a great start!

2. Dual-fuel flexibility

As you might imagine, Dacia Bi-Fuel models have two separate fuel tanks, one for Petrol and one for LPG. That means you can switch between fuel source by selecting either LPG or petrol mode on the go. LPG gives you higher torque, reduced noise and better fuel economy as well as lower emissions. And that brings us nicely onto the next important advantage of Dacia Bi-fuel cars.

3. More environmentally responsible

Whether you choose the Dacia Bi-Fuel Duster, Sandero or Logan MCV, you’ll reduce your vehicle emissions when you drive in LPG mode. The dual-fuel system emits up to 15% less CO2 emissions and up to 80% lower NOx with 98% fewer harmful particles. That’s a potential 2.4 tonnes CO2 saving over a four-year period.

4. Extended range

Proudly bearing the TCe 100 Bi-Fuel badge, the combined petrol and LPG capabilities of the new 1.0-litre turbocharged dual-fuel powertrain means you can drive further between forecourt fill-ups. You’ll enjoy an extended range of up to 803 miles. And with 1200 LPG fuel stations in the UK, there are plenty of places to fill up wherever you end up.

5. Optimised boot space

The Dacia Duster, Sandero and Logan MCV TCe 100 Bi-Fuel models combine all the space and practicality of the petrol-only models, thanks to some clever internal packaging. The extra LPG tank is cleverly integrated into the spare wheel well with no impact on boot space. Dacia have thought of everything as the ultra-practical tyre inflation kit replaces the need for a spare wheel.

In addition, the servicing and maintenance intervals of Dacia Bi-Fuel models are identical to standard petrol models with the same Dacia 3 Year/60,000-mile warranty, plus 3 years roadside assistance as standard.

Dacia Bi-fuel: Top things you should know

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