New Dacia media control system

New Dacia Media Control System

Innovative infotainment for all new models

Dacia has unveiled its brand new Media Control System, a simpler, safer infotainment solution that will allow you to use the full capability of your smartphone while driving. The new Dacia Media Control System is available in all new Dacia models, and makes its debut in the all-new Dacia Sandero and the all-new Dacia Sandero Stepway.

New Dacia technology 2021


Smartphones are an integral part of our day-to-day lives, with many of us using our phone’s media streaming and satellite navigation capabilities while driving. But the issue with this is, where do you place your phone securely and safely? And how do you seamlessly connect your phone to the car?

Innovative technology

The Dacia Media Control System offers an innovative new solution, allowing drivers to place their smartphone in a special compartment on the dashboard. Angled slightly towards the driver, the phone can then be connected to the car’s built-in speakers and used as a dedicated infotainment system.

New Dacia interior dashboard technology

Take control with the Dacia Media Control App

Dacia has also released a new app that is designed to be used with the Media Control System. The Dacia Media Control App connects to the car via Bluetooth, allowing the driver to access navigation, radio, music and contacts as easily as a built-in system. For even safer use, the app also allows for voice recognition or operation via the steering wheel buttons.

The app can also read text messages out to the driver, while the Driving ECO mode gives access to real-time fuel consumption and driving tips at the end of each journey.

The Media Control System dock holds the smartphone firmly in place and, when not in use, can be closed, neatly disappearing into the dashboard.

Stay connected with the Dacia Media Control System

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