Car dashboard warning lights

Don't be left in the dark on car warning lights.

From the moment you switch on your car’s ignition, an array of warning lights appear on the dashboard. Nothing new there. But sometimes new lights appear or other lights don’t go off when they should. What do they mean and is it safe to drive?

Don’t let dashboard warning lights leave you in the dark. Read our useful information on car warning light colours and contact our service team if you need any help. Send us a photo - we’ll let you know if it’s safe to drive your car and what you should do. Contact us.

What do Car Warning lights mean?

Your car is packed with thousands of mechanical and electronic components, sophisticated technology and sensors. The dashboard warning lights are there to let you know if systems are in operation, need attention or indicate a fault or danger.

Car warning lights vary from car to car and you’ll find the information for your specific model in your owner’s manual.

Warning lights are generally green, orange or red. Here’s what they mean:


  • 🟢 or 🔵 - let you know a system is in use. Common green dashboard lights include headlights, fog lamps and indicators as well as air-conditioning or heating.
  • 🟠 or 🟡 - provide an advisory signal to something that needs attention for example low fuel, tyre pressure monitoring or engine management symbols.
  • 🔴 - alerting drivers to a fault which requires immediate attention. A red warning light generally means you shouldn’t drive the car.

I’ve got a new light on my dashboard. What should I do?

If you’ve not been using your car regularly, warning lights can appear that are unfamiliar when you start the engine. If you’re in doubt as to what to do, or if you’re concerned about driving your car safely, get in touch with our service team.

Simply send us a photo of the warning light by email. We’ll let you know what it means, what you should do and if it’s safe to drive.

Car dashboard warning lights info from the Brayley Dacia Service Team

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